Friday, November 19, 2010

Cameroonian Expert hails President Abdel Aziz for Mauritania's good policies

By Christopher Ambe Shu
Dr.David Njie Makongo, a Cameroonian-born expert negotiator and mining/petroleum international lawyer, has said Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, President of Mauritania, has the development of this Islamic country, with a population of over three million people, at heart and is doing his best to further raise living standards of his citizens.Maritania's life expectancy stands at 64 years.

Dr.Makongo told national and foreign Journalists on November 10 at the end of a Mining Conference that held in Mauritania that the good policies of President Abdel Aziz has made the country what he described as "Very investment-friendly".

He added that it is now time to invest in the mining sector of this country, because of the favorable business climate.
Mr.Abdel Aziz had won presidential election organized on July 18, 2009 to become a democratically elected president of Mauritania and was inaugurated on August 5, 2009.
Mr. Aziz had won the presidential election by securing 52.58 percent of the votes, surpassing the 50 percent threshold to win the presidency. Mr.Aziz competed with other eight candidates for the presidency. He was followed by candidate Ahmed Ould Daddah, who got 13.66 percent of the votes
According to Dr.Makongo, it is on record that the election that saw Mr.  Aziz emerge as president was not only democratic but free and fair.

"Because President Abdel Aziz has made the fights against Al-Quada and corruptiuon, the respect for Human Rights the central piece of his administartion, Mauritania has suddenly become investment-friendly”, he noted.”. He said a competitive and attractive mining code has made Mauritania one of the best mining countries in Africa, for mining companies to pump money. And this would lead to the creation of many jobs, reduce crime, poverty, hunger and lead to improved living standards"

Dr Makongo thought, with the Mauritanian “Tasiast” mine perceived as one of the fastest-growing in the world, this Islamic country will soon become a key economic player especially as the price of gold keeps rising.

President Aziz (left) in warm handshake with Dr .Makongo
When The Recorder later asked him to also comment on the investment climate of Cameroon, his country of birth, Dr. Makongo, now resident and working in the US, had this as reply:

 “The investment climate in Cameroon is comparatively very good. The
Important consideration is to know how to manage the risks factors.

We further asked Dr. Makongo who was full of praise for President Abdel Aziz, what he thought of Cameroon President, Biya's policies.

Here is his reply,” There are components of President Biya's policies that are very investment- friendly on paper and in practice.

 For example the fight against corruption in the public service; the promotion of Peace and security of people and their properties."

 But Dr. Makongo was quick to add, “There is still much room for the improvement of Cameroon’s mining laws, which appear to be less clear and more complicated to investors and also the seemingly lack of will by officials of the mining sector in Cameroon to turn President Biya's vision of creating an economic boom out of the mining and petroleum industry, so to create more jobs and put more money into the public treasury.
"Further to this, Cameroon needs both mining and petroleum tax codes that are straight forward, certain, attractive and that leaves officials with less discretionary powers."

It should be noted that, Dr.Makongo (LLB, LLM, JD) is: member of the American Bar Association, member of the International Bar Association, member of the Mining Committee of the International Bar Association, member of the Anti-corruption Committee of the International Bar Association, and the Director for African Affairs with Electrum Global Group.
He is also Founder and President of United Support for Peace (NGO)

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