Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Buea Set to Host Golden Jubilee of Cameroon's Reunification

Mayor Mbella Moki says Buea is set.

By Christopher Ambe shu
 Buea is ready and has all it takes to host the golden jubilee of the reunification of Cameroon, the town’s mayor, Charles Mbella Moki, has told the press.
In a press briefing yesterday in his office, the mayor said because Buea served as the birth place of Cameroon’s reunification, it is just logical that the 50th anniversary celebrations of the reunification, announced by President Biya, should take place in Buea.
Southern Cameroons gained its independence from British rule on October 1, 1961 by joining French Cameroon which had gained its independence on January 1, 1960 as the Republic of Cameroon under the leadership of Ahmadou Ahidjo.
This reunification led to the formation of the Federal Republic of Cameroon, later called United Republic of Cameroon and today it is called the Republic of Cameroon.
 “This event offers the opportunity to revisit our history, chart the way forward and make the necessary corrections for a better future”, the mayor said.
“At the level of our Council we have been doing a number of things to enable us host the anniversary celebrations without problems; we have engaged in modernizing the town; we have already signed a contract to construct a new council building that will be befitting; we have completed the new Buea Town market; we are preparing the grounds to construct another market -about three times bigger than that of Buea town.
“We are grateful to the Head of state for signing a convention for a new water supply system in Buea.
CAMWATER has already budgeted FCFA 410 million for the water system in Buea.There are many other projects underway,” he observed”
The Mayor said the choice of Buea for the anniversary is because it has historical sites and relics of the moment of reunification that people would like to visit.
Asked why he was seriously preparing to host the reunification celebrations when the head of state has not formally chosen Buea as the official host, the mayor replied:
“In fact, the town is pregnant with history and meaning. History is on our side. Today Buea still hosts a number of people who lived it and can tell the story of reunification.”
He thought that it would be illogical for someone to think of somewhere else than Buea as Venue of the anniversary. Mbella Moki recalled that, Buea has been Capital of German Cameroon, Headquarters of British Southern Cameroon, Capital of West Cameroon, Seat of Southwest Province and  toady Headquarters of  the Southwest Region.
.The head of state in his usual right judgment, the Mayor hoped, will make no mistake by endorsing the choice of Buea for the event.
The Mayor announced that we will sign a municipal order appointing Professor Ndiva Kofele Kale, (son of P M kale, fomer Speaker of Parliament) as the head of the planning committee of the reunification Golden jubilee.
It is expected that the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Cameroon will take place in October.

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