Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cameroon:Minister Agbor Tabi tells Manyu people: “I am where your story could be heard!”

Minister Agbor Tabi (middle) being ushered into hall in Buea
By Christopher Ambe Shu

Professor Peter Agbor Tabi, assistant secretary-general at the Presidency of the Republic has told Manyu people that, their development problems such as lack of roads could  now better be tackled because he is occupying a postion close to the Head of State ,an advantageous position to  easily  present Manyu  development problems to President Paul Biya.
As assistant secretary-general, Agbor Tabi, ranked as minister, is one of the president’s closest collaborators and is a member the ruling CPDM Central Committee.

Agbor Tabi was, February 19, in Buea( CNPS hall )addressing an impressive crowd of Manyu people he had invited to raise funds to assist the legally mature but poor people of his division of origin acquire national Identity cards, in order to get enrolled in electoral registers and then vote at the coming presidential election for CPDM candidate, Paul Biya

The fundraising has as end target FCFA 75 million .But so far more than FCFA 45 million has been raised :Yaoundé raised over 16 million, Douala over 14 million, Mamfe over five million and Buea yesterday just raised about ten million.

Agbor Tabi, who thought that more investments would come to Manyu if the division were totally supportive of President Biya and the ruling CPDM, emphatically said President Biya has now realized that Manyu needs roads.

Agbor Tabi’s claim that President Biya has now realized that the division needs roads was received with mixed feelings because the deplorable state of roads in Manyu has been a major preoccupation of the Manyu people despite their loyalty to the Biya regime for many years.

“I am in a place where your story can be heard. Be careful! Don’t behave as when your story could not be heard. Support President Paul Biya because he hears your story,” he stressed, citing some roads in the Division now under construction to buttress his statement.

Agbor Tabi, who received a certificate of honor from his kith and kin in Buea for contributing to unity and development not only in Manyu, but also nation-wide, reiterated the need for unity.

“If we are not together, we will not win”, he warned. “We want to show President Biya that we love him and will support him”

The deputy SG at the Presidency said the fund-raising effort is intended to make Manyu remain on the map of Cameroon.

Speaking earlier, Chief Tabe Tando, another CPDM Central Committee member stressed the importance of voter registration and voting rights.

“Manyu people believe in the CPDM and have committed themselves to it,” he said. “This is the time for Manyu to register and vote for the CPDM; the choice of the Southwest people has always been the CPDM”, noted Chief Tabe Tando who donated five million francs to help the identification card acquisition project.

The Mayor of Buea Charles Mbella Moki and a delegation of Buea traditional rulers led by Chief David Molinge attended the fund-raising and expressed their support and collaboration with the Manyu people.

Speaking to reporters at the end of the fund-raising, Agbor Tabi refuted claims that he was on a political campaign. He noted that he was on a voter registration sensitization. “We believe that talking of support for President Biya means nothing if we don’t get people to register on the electoral lists”.

Agbor Tabi appealed to Manyu people to “know that President Biya loves you so much.” He added that “this is the time that Manyu people have to show the president that they do understand that he loves them”

Observers said Agbor Tabi is now working round the clock to get Manyu people to totally support the CPDM at the coming elections because at least two Manyu sons have indicated their intention to be presidential candidates in different political platforms.

Such Manyu sons include Christopher Tambe Tiku, a vocal  human rights advocate ,and  outspoken Hon. Paul Ayah Abine of Peoples Action Party (PAP).

It is widely thought that the popularity of Hon. Ayah in Manyu will fetch him a good number of votes.

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