Friday, February 25, 2011

Cameroon:Mayors’ President Embraces Released Bakassi Hostages

Moki (in suit) enbraces Mayor Aboko,& other released hostages

By Christopher Ambe Shu
Eleven Cameroonians recently taken hostage for several days by Pirates said to be Nigerians, in the Oil-rich Bakassi peninsula and later released following the intervention of Cameroon government, were On Wednesday February 23, offered a reception in Buea by the town’s   Mayor, Charles Mbella Moki, who doubles as the South Regional President of the Union of Cities and Councils of Cameroon (UCCC).
Among the eleven captives released were Aboko Patrick Anki, Mayor of Kombo Abedimo and Ayuk Edward Takor, Divisional Officer (DO) for Kombo  Abedimo   .
They stopped briefly in Buea on their way to Kombo Abedimo from Yaounde where they were first received by government officials.
During the reception at Capitol Hotel Buea, an elated Mayor Aboko Patrick told journalists that they would for ever remain grateful to God, and to an extent, to President Paul Biya for ensuring their release.
 “I would like to thank the Almighty God for his merciful grace on us. I want to also thank the Cameroon government –especially President Paul Biya for what he did to ensure our release. I also want to thank the M ayor of Buea and the Regional President of UCCC for offering me this reception”, Mayor Aboko told the press, preferring not to describe what they went through while in a captivity.
 Mayor Mbella Moki said their capture by pirates was a major worry to all the mayors of the Southwest Region and the region’s mayors and other people of good will   committed them to God in prayers.
“Having been received in Yaounde by Government officials, Mayor Aboko thought it wise to visit the regional president of the mayors association-where he is also an official.
 “This is kind of a dead-buried-resurrected episode, which warrants me to invite Men of God to pray and thank God for the mysterious release of our colleague and other Cameroonians. It is an opportunity for me to let the world know that they are alive. We regret that two others  were killed.”
Mayor Mbella  Moki said he was particularly happy  to receive his colleague because as regional president of  the mayors’ association “I  did a lot of coordination and  prayed o God for his safe release”. He added that mayor Aboko is not only a colleague but also a trusted friend and brother.

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Gaining cheap popularity. How much was paid by the government for these guys to be released?