Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cameroon’s Special Recruitment of 25000 -Youth told: Jobs or No Jobs, remain loyal to CPDM Government

The President of Buea CPDM section, Charles Mbella Moki, used the occasion of the 26th anniversary of the ruling CPDM to plead with all young Cameroonians militating in the party and who are certificate holders applying to be recruited among the 25000 workers needed in the public service this year, to remain faithful to the CPDM government even if at the end they are not among those employed. He said the CPDM has much in store for all Cameroonians.

Mayor Mbella Moki  telling  people to love CPDM
Mbella Moki, who is also the Mayor of Buea while calling for massive enrollment in voter registers, said the special recruitment of 25000 certificate holders is a trump card for the coming presidential election, which he believed the CPDM must win.

Conscious that thousands of CPDM youths are applying for the recruitment and apparently afraid that, those who will not be employed may reject the CPDM and its presidential candidate Paul Biya, at the polls, Mbella Moki told them:

“As you prepare to be employed, also be prepared if you are not selected.Please, if you lose in the recruitment, exercise sportsmanship”
Briefing MP’s in Parliament last week about the special recruitment of 25000, Prime Minister Philemon Yang, insisted that every applicant, no matter where he or she has submitted an application, would have equal chance to be employed

President Biya last February took the nation by surprise when he announced a special recruitment exercise that will by next June see 25000 certificate holders (from first school leaving certificate to PhD holders) absorbed into the public service, especially as it was not budgeted for in this year’s State budget.

Many were surprised because it is the first time in the history of Cameroon that such a huge number of job seekers will be employed, at once, directly-without a competitive examination, in to the public service.
Some critics of the Biya regime have been quick to describe the special recruitment announced as one of President Biya’s campaign tactics for the forthcoming presidential election, to attract votes -and they even doubt if at the end the exercise will not be a farce.

In the past and when the economy of the country was healthy, former President Amadou Ahidjo used to order such special recruitment s of not more than 1500 people at a time.

Although Cameroon’s academic and professional institutions have yearly been graduating tens of thousands of students, chances of getting a job in the public service have been too slim because of very limited job opportunities advertised.

The scarcity of jobs has raised youth unemployment to as high as 30%, according to unofficial estimates.

With the announcement of the special recruitment of 25000 job seekers, thousands have already submitted their applications and many are still to before the April 14 deadline. It is expected that over 150 thousand people will apply.

The Cameroon government has claimed that those recruited will receive their first salaries by July and many critics have now adopted the wait- and –see attitude.

At the CPDM 26th anniversary celebration in Buea Mbella Moki, said that CPDM would always win elections in Buea.
“As far Fako 3 CPDM is concerned, failure is not in our agenda”, he said, calling for continued collaboration with and support to the CPDM and President Biya.

Hon.Mojowa Emilia Lifaka, vice-president of the National Assembly and leader of the CPDM central Committee to Buea for the anniversary, said the CPDM is synonymous to development, peace and unity.
“The essence now is for all right-thinking Cameroonians in general and CPDM militants in particular to support rigorously and methodically the fundamental ideals of the New Deal for the realization of the Greater Achievements policy -advocated by the President of the Republic Paul Biya, whose optimum realization depends on the reinforcement of unity, peace, promotion of freedom and the consolidation of democracy”, she said.
She reiterated need foe massive voter registration and calls for President Biya to stand for reelection at coming polls. “He has our confidence and our unflagging support”, on Lifaka stated.

The CPDM anniversary was celebrated under the theme “Together, let’s take up the current challenges”

Dignitaries present at the Buea anniversary celebration included Hon. Paul Njie Meoto,former director of cabinet at the PM’s office and Southwest Governor,Koumpa Issa.

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