Friday, March 25, 2011

Heir flees village in protest against enthronement as chief

By Elvis Tahzanu Tepong
Prince Solomon Forfosap
The Crown Prince of Lekong village, Solomon Forfosap, has escaped to an unknown destination after refusing to be enthroned as chief in respect of the village tradition. Prince Forfosap, being one of the formally educated sons of late Chief Forfosap Nchaleke, ran into problems with custodians of their tradition (Black Group) after he refused to adhere to some obnoxious, inhumane traditions which, according to him, are repugnant to natural justice. He fled the village after realizing that his life was at stake.       

     It would be recalled that Prince Forfosap’s grandfather, Chief Michael Forfosap Nchaleke held tenaciously to the tradition. He had 15 wives and 22 children. When he died, he was succeeded by Prince Forfosap’s father, Chief Forfosap Nchaleke.

      This reporter learned that on the day of Chief Forfosap Nchaleke’s enthronement, he was forced to fulfill the tradition of the village which, inter alia, demands that he must inherit the wives of his late father, including his own biological mother (Prince Forfosap’s grandmother) and perform certain sacrifices.
. But Chief Forfosap Nchaleke repudiated and  later died mysteriously. He was reportedly found dead in his palace with his tongue projecting out of his mouth.

      It was after his father’s death that, in January 2011,the chief custodians decided that Prince Forfosap  succeed him but he declined to be chief , describing the tradition as primitive in a civilized world.  

       This reporter also learned that the traditional cult known as “Black Group” which is in charge of enforcing the custom had warned Prince Forfosap that he and his mother and pregnant wife would face the wrath of the gods of the land if he insisted on turning down the offer to be their chief.

It is alleged that after realising that his life was in the balance, he fled the village leaving behind his mother who later died mysteriously. His wife too later escaped to an unknown destination when she too realised that she was not safe in that village.

      This reporter, through his independent investigation, garnered that the people of Lekong attach a lot of importance to their cultural values, not minding the depth of human debasement it may entail.

      It is an age-old tradition where succession to the throne is hereditary and a Crown Prince, after succeeding his late father automatically inherits everything that belonged to his father and non-compliance attracts disastrous consequences.

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