Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Vitruvian Man- Dr. Bate Besong.

 Abba, Oh Heavenly Father!

Tragedy in the house again! The inopportune death of Dr. Bate Besong, Dr. Ambe, Mr. Gwangwa’a and Mr. Tabe has left a vacuum. How can I negate the notion of this magnitude? I am deeply saddened. Steeped in melancholy. The Anglophones remain the latchkey-children and one day the Truth shall set us “free”.

BB was a very accessible man. My days in Bilingual Grammar School was fashioned and molded by the ideologies of this wonderful persona.

I have just begun realizing the impact now that I am in my 30s. BB was the Mailman as he shuttled from P.H.S Kumba to Buea with mails from students’ siblings. In class BB created the sublime, waxing us with intros to the literary cosmos.

Some of us sat and pondered, mesmerized and tried to delve into the mind of this genius. It was indeed very puzzling because we all secretly came to a conclusion that his domain was centered on the collegiate arena.

An archetypal freedom fighter, whose edifice was and will remain a chigger to this Mvomeka hoopla; BB’s amalgamation of the African predicament epitomized by the Cameroonian quagmire transcended the very literary mundaneness pushed forward by the Praise singers of the Mvomeka chieftaincy. Chai! BB, I cannot believe you are gone! It seems like yesterday when I visited you in that tiny cubicle of yours at UB and obtained orthography of your book. 05-25-2001.

I missed you the second time around in 2005 December. The very things you championed for will be carried in numerous flambeaux across the world.

You have created a plethora of disciples who will drum the message to the future. We are your yeomen! You are the Vitruvian African Man intertwined with nature, for your legacy will be for ever last. The regime and your foes will quietly gloat over your passing but your transition has just ushered in a new zeitgeist era of Obasinjom warriors.

Your protégé Dr. Hilarious Ambe hails from Mbebili, Bafut a ten -minute walk from my compound. Yours together is a potent combination of Obasinjom and kwifor residing on top of the Metropolis, matter-of-factly a new deity has been born.

The Pen will always remain the Excalibur harnessed in a typical Bediverean manner by your disciples. We will definitely utilize your Shield. The brouhaha by the Mvomeka Marchiavelli will soon come to pass, yet pound for pound the Anglophone stock will unleash its truculence guided by your spirit. Someone mentioned that Mediocrity will reign.

Verily, the house will be crowded, because you have gone the extra mile that is never too crowded. So as Woodrow Wilson puts it “I not only use all the brains I have, but all I can Borrow”.

We will be lynchpins transforming the pseudo/quasi radicals into true warriors albeit the incubus of death, the wish of our oppressors. From the Wisdom of Solomon as written in the Book of Proverbs Ch. 11 Vs. 14 “Where there is no counsel, the people Fall; But in the multitude of counselors there is safety”.

The New Obasinjom Zeitgeist movement goes through the veins of shaking the very cornerstones of injustice, poverty and the cruel mantra of the oligarchs epitomized by the Esingan bunkum. BB, you reside in the fifth dimension invisible to the provincial mind yet accessible to the arcane.

BB we are of the Bantu stock, not fashioned in a typical Mayan style yet your poetic style creates a true Bantuistic notion of Blackness. The aesthetic and ideological notion of pan-negritude has been a fallacy, tainted by the rise of western puppets. So we usher in the integrity of Bantuism which you championed for, a true Fonlonian prototype.

The root now of this discourse swings back to the University of Buea the epicenter, an edifice which has been marred by betrayals and backstabs. An institution ran with caprice and arbitrariness by the Hon. Madame. Don’t be perturbed about the foofaraws and flapdoodle emanating from Yaounde that all is well. They have slaughtered many in their folds physically and spiritually in the University of Buea.

There is a cancer deep within the center of that great institution. Evil resides within, and with Devine guidance it will be excised and exorcised accordingly. The carcass in the centerfold should be disinter and taken to a wasteland because that institution should be free. {Cameronians (Southern) This no urban legend!}

The quintessential of this EVIL lies deeply within the polemics of TRUTH. This has created discord and the Anglophone intelligentsia has been siphoned to the land of the unknowns. The tragic trip by this magnificent four was just another route/pattern. I hope this will trigger a reawakening to fellow Cameroonians (Southern) Listen carefully, “The road less traveled is less traveled for a reason”. Even the Mvomeka Machiavelli knows the trick. In the words of Howard Ruff, “It wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark”.

BB, I agree with you debunking the syllogistic reasoning that all North westerners and South westerners are always in discord.

This is a mendacious statement for the mere fact that our representatives are gourmands par excellence and hence perpetuate these notions and poisoning the minds of our stock.

Let us try majoritarianism on the Anglophone populace.
One man one vote deciding our fate. That was your wish. La lutta continua. This struggle should be fought in villages, towns, houses and in the minds of all loving Cameroonians against tyranny and oppression. This is a special dedication for you Dr. Bate Besong, Dr. Hilarious Ambe, Kwasen Gwangwa’a and Mr Tabe. Oh! May God defend the righteous! Amen



NB: Today March 8 makes four year since Dr.Bate Besong of the University Of Buea –Cameroon, died with others in a road accident on March 8, 2007 .This eulogy was written by Chrys Fusi, one of his former students

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