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Biaka Francisca: Business Genius as New SW Regional Delegate of Chamber of Commerce

She has  26 years of business management experience -both nationally and internationally
 By Christopher Ambe

Governor Benard Okalia & Mrs.Biaka Francisca
Mrs. Biaka nee Hongla Francisca, it would appear, is better known in the Southwest Regional Headquarters of Buea-Cameroon, where she resides, as the Administrator of the famous ST. VERONICA’s MEDICAL CENTRE since 1997. 

But this beautiful ,well-educated, duty-conscious and soft-spoken spouse and mother is very much loaded with challenging  responsibilities, which she has  reportedly  been performing to the satisfaction of the public and those who have entrusted her with such. She is generally described as a force to reckon with; an achiever.

Mrs. Biaka Francisca was recently in Limbe installed as the new and first ever female Southwest Regional Delegate of Cameron Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Crafts (CCIMC), during a crowd-pulling ceremony- attended among other high-profile personalities, by Southwest governor Bernard Okala Bilai and his closest collaborators. She took over from Chief Etang Arrey who served in that capacity for nine years.

Mrs.Biaka Francisca was personally installed into her new functions by the President of the Cameroon Chamber of commerce, Industry, Mines and Crafts Mr.Eken Christophe.

Mrs Biaka & Mr .Eken Christophe
Commissioning her, Mr.Eken said that the dynamic business community of the Region would henceforth be “guided and served by Mrs.Biaka and her team of experienced Elected Members, to boost, promote, and sustain the competitiveness of the Southwest Enterprise sector in the face of national and global challenges” 

 The CCIMC‘s primordial role, Mr. ken said, is to foster national socio-economic development and growth. The Cameroon Chamber of Commerce was created in 1921 and has been reorganized recently. The CCIMC is a public establishment, endowed with a legal status and financial autonomy -and it is placed under the supervisory authority of the Minster of Indusrty, Mines and Technological development. It is a 160- member body and has an executive bureau of 12 members -headed by the President of the Chamber of commerce, which undertakes the administrative and financial management of the corporation.

The CCIMC undertakes three main Missions, namely: Public service mission, Professional Interest Mission and Trade promotion and cooperation mission. Other attributions include: Export certification-Issuance of certificate of origin for products to be exported; Management of Public warehouse; Issuance of consular documents i.e. certificate of non-bankruptcy, accreditation letters and attestations; sundry publications i.e. the CCIMC monthly magazine, economic reports, business statistics etc

The CCIMC president stressed that “elected members, officials and the management staff have the unquestionable role to positively impact and promote the socio-economic development of our nation and to overcome the challenges in an unpredictable world economic order.”

Mr. Ken, without mincing words said this of the new southwest Delegate: “I am confident that Mrs.Biaka will take this delegation to higher heights”.
Mrs.Biaka heads a nine-person regional executive bureau, which was democratically elected.

The other eight elected SW representatives are: Mrs.Ntube Agnes Ndobe ep.NDJOCk, NDOTA ENTERPRISE –LIMBE;Mr. Iyok  Ayuk Sammy Pride,SAMCO PAPER COMPANY-Limbe; Mrs.Mbonde  Enanga Rose, COUNTRY ROSE TOURSIM –Buea; Mr.Metouck Charles,SONARA-Limbe; Mr.Atabong Michael, MARS RESTAURANT,Limbe; Bar Abunaw Enaw Gilbert-ABUNAW LAW FIRM-LIMBE; Mr.Seme  Noungon,SEMME MINERAL WATER-Bakingili,Limbe; Mr.Takor 
Profile of Mrs.Biaka Francisca
She was born in Victoria, now Limbe on September 1965.She holds a Post –graduate Diploma in Corporate Administration and Finance from Bristol-United kingdom.
Work  Experience
-Chief Executive Officer (CEO), PAN ELECTRIC ENTERPRISES LTD, Limbe since 1986
-Proprietress, POLYWORKS, Limbe 1992-2012
-Administrator of ST VERONICA’s MEDICAL CENTER, Buea since1987
-Cameroon Representative TRAFIGURA LTD, London, 1986-1999
-Cameroon Representative MARC RICH INVESTMENT LTD-London, 1999-2001
-CEO, VENUS OIL LLC –London, 2001-2005
-CEO, HUMET INDUSTRIES LTD Mutengene, Since 2006

Other Leadership positions Mrs.Biaka has held:
Mrs.Biaka gift and kisses from  loved ones
-1st Vice-president, Business and Professional Women’s Association, Southwest Region (1991-1993)
-Vice-President, GFAC, Southwest Region since 2006
-Member, Soroptimist International, Limbe Branch
-Member, Network of Cameroon Female Entrepreneurs (NECAFEE)
-Member, Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines, and crafts (CCIMC) since 2002
-President, Guild of Anglo-saxon Private Higher Institutions in Cameroon (GAPHIC) since 2008
-President, Association for the Support of Democracy in Cameroon (ASDECA) Southwest Region, since 2010

Awards Received:
-Silver Guild and Silver Labor Medals, November 2008
-holder of FCEM/GFAC Best Female Entrepreneur Award-October 2009
-Cameroon Knight of the Order of Valour May 2010

It is generally held that, because Mrs.Biaka Francisca is self-confident, self-motivated, determined, focused, reliable and has a strong business drive, if given the necessary support and collaboration, she will take the business community in the Southwest Region to higher heights

First Published in The Recorder newspaper,Cameroon,May 23,2012

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