Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cameroon:Buea Mayor Brokers Peace Between Nigerians And Irate Youths

By Elvis Tah
Buea Mayor Charles  Mbella Moki:Peace Crusader
Calm has finally been restored at the Buea Town neighborhood and Nigerians are now carrying out their businesses unperturbed, after a serious crisis between the youths of that neighborhood and Nigerians paralysed commercial activities.   
The crisis that rocked the Buea Town neighborhood was finally laid to rest by the Mayor of Buea, Charles Mbella Moki, during a crisis meeting that he convened at the council hall.

The meeting was attended by members of the Nigerian community in Cameroon, led by the Consular Officer of the Nigerian Consulate in Buea, Ugochuku Onuzuike, members of the Babuti youths, representative of the Paramount Chief of Buea, Chief Ngongi, and members of the family who lost one of theirs in a brawl with a Nigerian, which led to the discord.  

During the meeting, the Mayor warned the irate Buea Town youths not to take the laws into their hands because his municipality is not a place where jungle justice thrives.
The Mayor also divulged the message of the Southwest Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai, who gave firm directives that at a time when Buea is preparing to host the Head of State, he is not going to tolerate any form of lawlessness. He warned that anybody who will be caught fomenting trouble will be brought to book.
Mbella Moki told the Nigerians who had shut their stores for the past three days, following threats from the irate youths that any store owned by a Nigerian that will be found opened within the week, will be vandalised, to open up the shops and that they will be protected by forces of law and order.
Chief Ngongi begged the deceased’s family to accept what ever decision that government will take concerning the burial of their son and circumvent any situation that can add more tragedy to the already aggrieved community. He said if government decides that the corpse should be ferried to their village in the West Region for burial without any wake keeping at their residence, they are bound to accept it that way because it will only be for the sake of peace.  
For his part, the head of the deceased’s family, Sebastian Misele, who is also Babuti Quarter Head, gave assurance that he has cushioned the youths that nobody should take the laws into his hands as their brother’s assailant is already facing the law. 

Meanwhile, the Consular Officer of the Nigerian Consulate condemned in strong terms, the homicide, perpetrated by his compatriot.
“The Federal Government of Nigeria doesn’t support lawless citizens. The Nigerian government takes care of its citizens where ever they are in the world and our government always advise its citizens in the diaspora to respect the laws of their host countries,” Ugochuku Onuzuike said.
He added that Cameroon and Nigeria are compelled to live together as one because there are so many things that bind them together.
“It might interest you to know that the assailant, Emmanuel Chuku, was born here in Cameroon,” he said.
The trouble between the Buea Town Youths and the Nigeria started on Saturday, May 26, during a marital negotiation between the Misele Family and the Chuku family, which was abortive due to a vendetta that had rocked both families. During the negotiations which resulted into a brawl, one of the bride’s brothers, Philip Djieuteu Misele was stabbed to death by one of the bridegroom’s brother, Emmanuel Chuku.  
 The death of Djieuteu caused irate youths of Buea Town to go berserk, attacking and vandalising the shops of Nigerians in Buea Town, which resulted to heavy material and human casualties.
Emmanuel Chuku, who was also badly wounded, and some of his relatives, were arrested and detained at the Buea Central Police Station
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