Monday, April 8, 2013

Cameroon: Government Bans Hon.Ayah’s Party Meeting in Bangem

   But partisans defy ban and successfully meet.

At the Menji monthly meeting of People’s Action Party on March 9, 2013, it was resolved that the next monthly meeting of the party would hold at Bangem on April 6, 2013. The meeting was duly declared as required by the law. The Divisional Officer (DO) for Bangem even went the extra mile to issue an “authorization” (in superfluity in that the requirement to grant a permit to hold a public meeting in Cameroun was abolished in 1990).

All had therefore gone well until a certain Ngwese Ngole, said to be the Camerounese Minister of Forestry and Wild Life, got to Bangem and prevailed on the DO to ban the meeting. According to the DO, the ban was dictated by orders from the minister, Yaounde, the SW Governor and the Senior Divisinal Officer for Kupe-Manenguba Division. Interestingly, the ban was kept from PAP till the last minute. In actual fact, the PAP delegates for the meeting had already assembled at the venue on the appointed day when the very DO for Bangem sent a lengthy letter purporting to ban the meeting.

Aware that the civilized world could not expect anything otherwise than wildness from a minister of WILD LIFE, the PAP delegates kept their equanimity even when the Commissioner of Police for Bangem nearly shouted out his lungs, claiming that the meeting was illegal and ordering the delegates to quit the premises. He was accompanied in his ruthless crusade against PAP by a policeman, and the Gendarmerie Brigade Commander for Bangem. The PAP delegates ignored them with astounding temperateness and the meeting held as planned in the Catholic Hall, Bangem, till darkness fell.

In the absence of power in the hall, the delegates now moved peacefully to the private premises of the party’s Divisional Coordinator where the meeting continued far into the night. All these episodes happened in the absence of the PAP Secretary General whose vehicle had broken down on the way to Bangem.

The public may wish to know that even as we are very much still in the dry season, the best road to Bangem from Melong (in a different region than the one in which Bangem is situated) is impassable except by four-wheel-driven pickups. Such a deplorable state of the road should not be the preoccupation of Ngwese Ngolle as minister of wild life since plants do not move, and animals that move do not need roads!

Regrettable and fortunately, PAP has left no stone unturned in sensitizing the people about the need to stand up to deception and to work relentlessly for development. Mr. Minister and the stooges passing for administrators will soon learn regrettably belatedly that the era of “motions of support” is long deceased! The people now know that PAP is the answer, the victor and their future!

Dirty no de catch nylon! God bless PAP!


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