Saturday, April 27, 2013

Paul Elung Che Bounces Back: Now General Manager of Cameroon’s Petroleum Fund

Paul Elung Che
     By Christopher Ambe
    Paul Elung Che, 45, a stringent financial expert and a noted advocate of transparency, has been appointed as the new General Manager of Cameroon's Hydrocarbons Prices Stabilization Fund (CSPH).
   Mr.Elung Che bounces back to top managerial position several years after he occupied the prestigious post of Director-General of Treasury, Financial cooperation and Monetary Affairs, in the Ministry of Finance
   President Biya, April 26, appointed Mr.Elung Che in replacement of Ibrahim Talba Malla who occupied the post for over a decade until last February 15 when the latter became General Manager of Cameroon Oil Refining Company (SONARA)
   Before his recent appointment at CSPH, Mr.Elung  Che had occupied other very sensitive posts: he had been Treasurer/paymaster-General for the Northwest Region and later occupied the same position in the Southwest Region for over six years.
   This workaholic was promoted from treasurer/paymaster-General in the Southwest, to become the National Director of Treasury in Yaoundé for over two years.
   Mr. Elung Che’s efficiency and stringency in dealing with financial matters further caused him to be promoted to the rank of Pioneer Director-General (DG) of Treasury, Financial cooperation and Monetary Affairs.
    A committed Mr.Elung Che was  then replaced as Director-General of Treasury while he was on an official mission in Canada.
   His removal angered the Anglophone community- because many people were already hoping that, he would become the First Anglophone Minister of Finance. After his removal as DG of Treasury, Financial Cooperation and Monetary Affairs, Mr.Elung  Che was still serving  in the Ministry of Finance and remained a reference point for many workers.
   His quest for more knowledge took him to Harvard University, in the USA, where he further bagged a Masters degree in public  administration.
    After his first degree from the University of Yaounde, Mr. Elung  Che enrolled into ENAM Yaounde -graduating two years after as Inspector of Treasury. He also holds a Post-Graduate Diploma (PGD) in law. He is a Christian, married and  has children.

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