Monday, April 22, 2013

CEREDDA Hails Conduct of Cameroon’s First Senatorial Elections

             Following is a Press Release issued by the CENTER FOR RESEARCH ON DEMOCRACY AND DEVELOPMENT IN AFRICA (CEREDDA),Buea-Cameroon after observing Cameroon’s pioneer senatorial Election:

Within the framework of ensuring democratic and transparent elections in Africa, and the progressive putting in place of the institution of Cameroon's 1996 constitution, the CENTER FOR RESEARCH ON DEMOCRACY AND DEVELOPMENT IN AFRICA (CEREDDA) deployed a dozen observers to cover the first senatorial elections in Cameroon on the 14th April 2013 amongst other national and international observers and media organizations.
    The CEREDDA observers who were deployed to all the divisions of the Northwest and South west regions verified the voting process from start to finish in most of the polling stations and while awaiting subsequent reports on the entire process, arrived at the preliminary conclusions that the elections were free, democratic and transparent.
1. Voters made their choices in all freedom, maturity and out of their consciences.
2. The prevailing atmosphere in the polling stations was cordial and peaceful.
3. There was a very high participation in the election, which included proxy voters.
4. Voting was orderly and in conformity with the provisions governing senatorial elections in Cameroon.
5.Voting finished by  2:00 Pm  most of the polling stations though most had to wait until 6:00 pm  count the votes as provided by the law except in a few cases were there was early counting, which invariably influenced voters in other parts of the country.
   While awaiting the proclamation of the results by the competent authorities, CEREDDA will like to use this opportunity to congratulate ELECAM for its successful organization of the election.
   CEREDDA equally congratulates the other stakeholders in the elections, notably political parties, the Administration, the security officials, other observers and the Media organs for their maturity and professionalism.
   CEREDDA hopes that the difficulties and irregularities it might eventually highlight in its detailed reports will contribute to improving the electoral process in Cameroon.

The Administrative Officer, CEREDDA
Mr.Ngeke Ngomba
Buea, April 22, 2013
Contact: Tel: 00237 99 09 60 85
                    00237 77 24 60 07

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