Friday, May 17, 2013

Cameroon:CDU stalwart who rejected senatorial appointment by Biya faces death threats.

By Christopher Ambe
 The Cameroon Democratic Union (CDU) partisan, Youmou Koupit Adamou -who mustered courage to humiliate President Biya by rejecting his appointment as alternate senator, on Monday May 13, in Yaound√© told reporters that, he has since been facing threats of life from some unnamed individuals, believed to be agents of the Biya regime.

He turned down Biya’s appointment on grounds that he was not consulted before The CDU hierarchy quickly endorsed Mr. Adamou’s decision.
Mr Adamou also disclosed that after rejecting Mr.Biya’s appointment some unknown individuals approached him at home, attempting to bribe him with 25 million Fcfa to reconsider his decision.

Asked who could be the said individuals, the CDU bigwig retorted,“I asked them who they were but they refused to divulge their identities.”

 He said they tried in vain to persuade him accept their huge financial offer.
Mr. Adamou said his bribe-giving visitors claimed that CDU National Chairman, Adamou Ndam Njoya, was already an old man who would soon quit the political scene- and that it was the time he accepted the presidential appointment as a springboard for greater heights

On whether if he could reverse his decision, Koupit said nothing could influence him or his party hierarchy to go back on his vomit despite the death threats he was reportedly receiving

The CDU was one of four political parties that contested last April 14 senatorial elections but did not win even a seat. The NUDP also contested the election and ended up with no seat, but President Biya appointed one of its members as as senator.

President Biya also appointed each senator from the parties of his longtime allies –that is from the MDR of Dakole Daissala and from FSCNC of of Issa Tchiroma, which parties did not qualify to contest the senatorial election.

 Of the 30 senators appointed the majority are members of the ruling CPDM and persons who have been close to President Biya in one way or the other.
(First Published in The Recorder Newspaper,of  Cameroon, May 15,2013)

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