Friday, May 17, 2013

Cameroon:SW Treasurer-General Decries Low Consumption of Credits

    By Christopher Ambe

   A ridiculously low consumption of state-allocated credits for the SW region for 2013 (as at March31) has been denounced and vote holders challenged to speed up to expenditure, so to enhance development.
   In his address, recently, at 3813 Hotel in Tiko, Mr. Ayuk Peter, Treasurer/Paymaster-General (TPG) for the SW region, revealed that, out of about 7.96 billion Fcfa allocated for the Region, only 52.4 million Fcfa was spent by March 31, giving a consumption rate of 0.74%.
   Mr. Ayuk lamented: “Even though to some significant extent, the reason for the delay in execution could be attributed to the time taken to install the new soft ware for the treatment of expenditure, which was over before the end of February, we are still experiencing, even in a year of heavy reforms in the system that inexplicable inertia amongst vote-holders…
 “Compared to last year when this period we had a general percentage of execution of 4.77%, we can say that, negatively, this time have broken the record with a surprising 0.74%.
   He reminded vote-holders involved in the execution of the budget that, by March 31 every year 25% of the time given to realize projects is already spent.
The TPG said the situation of SW councils in terms consumption of credits given by the State was even more worrying, noting that, out of some 1.8 billion Fcfa allocated for the councils, not even a dime had been used. He appealed to authorizing officers of councils and municipal treasurers to “do everything to speed up the effective use of these credits”
The TPG singled out Buea Council for praise, noting it was the only council that had presented its 2012 management accounts for the paymaster’s visa.
“ The Problematic councils of  kombo Abedimo and Kombo Itindi are still with no management accounts since 2007 for the former and since 2004 for the later .Idabato and Wabane are still to establish a management accounts since 2004 while Konye has not presented its own since 2008 and Tinto since 2007”
Mr. Ayuk also regretted that at least 10 councils failed to produce accounts and reports of the execution of PNDP-funded projects in their municipalities, threatening that “we shall not fold our arms and overlook such criminal negligence”
He urged his colleagues to intensify efforts in “the recovery of outstanding customs and fiscal revenue, which figure stands at 64.07 billion Fcfa.
The TPG announced that recoveries mission would soon be re-launched.
    For his part,Mr.Felix Lema,who represented the Director-General of Treasury, Monetary and Financial Cooperation, handed down directives to the accountants intended to improve performance and transparency.Mr Lema called on the accountants to respect strictly  regulations in force and accounting principles in the discharge of their duties.
     The SDO for Fako,Zang III,who sat in for SW Governor Okalia Bilai,opened the meeting with a call for the accountants  to be more vigorous,vigilant,devoted and efficient- so that the new reforms should produce the expected results.
     Earlier in his welcome address, the Mayor of Tiko, Richard Tita Fombon, remarked that accountants are custodians of state funds.
    The Sub-treasurer for Tiko, Emmanuel Mbome Motomby was, generally credited for the successful organization of the quarterly coordination meeting, which held last April 26 
(First published In The Recorder Newspaper,of Cameroon,May 15,2013)

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