Friday, May 16, 2014

Cameroon:HELP-OUT Graduates Pioneer Batch of Professional Housekeepers

By Christopher Ambe
     A Cameroonian Human Rights non-governmental organization (NGO) based in the town of Buea, called HELP-OUT, has sent out its pioneer batch of Professional Housekeepers, after eight (8) weeks of intensive training.
 The intensive certified training program for house keepers and child care providers by Help-out is organized in collaboration with The Professional Housekeeper, USA.
   The program is intended for trainees to acquire “essential skills as professionals and explore the hundreds of employment opportunities abound in Cameroon and overseas.”
The trainees display their certificates in happiness
   The pioneer trainees, five in number who are all women, were recently handed their end-of –training certificates during a public ceremony in Buea that was attended among other dignitaries by Clara Manga, who represented the Southwest Regional Delegation of the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment & the Family.
She was happy with such a new training program and offered words of encouragement to Help-out.
   The training program was also lauded by Mr.Anu Vincent, member of the Advisory Board of the Help-out Professional Housekeepers program.
“We should encourage young people to enroll…The quality of the training and didactic materials are very good”, Mr.Anu said.
    Speaking at the graduation ceremony, Clarkson Obasi, Director of Help-Out, which started in 1997 focusing on human rights, prison/legal/democratic reforms, alternative dispute resolution, said due to the urgent need of professional house keepers in Cameroon, he contacted Marta Perrone, the founder of The Professional House keeper Training Program in California (USA) for the facility to be opened in Cameroon. “She immediately bought the idea and shipped in training materials,”Mr. Obasi said, adding, “She knew once the girls and women are a life skill, they will be respectfully and gainfully employed”
HELP-OUT Director .Obasi Clarkson
   The Director said the program is not meant only for destitute girls and women and encouraged house wives, nurses, university students to enroll. There is always something to learn”
  Talking about the impact of the training, he disclosed that “I visited one of the trainees already placed in Yaoundé and her host family was very appreciative of her input in their residence and they were the more surprised that the training is just two months intensive”
  The program ,the Director said, is mobile-meaning “we move to where trainees are and train them …except when they have to go on internship but then internship placement can also be near their homes if we find suitable places”
   Although physically absent at the graduation, Marta Perrone,founder of the Professional  Housekeepers in California USA,sent  a letter of encouragement to both the Director of the Help-out Professional Housekeeper Training Program and the graduating trainees.
   Part of the letter read: “Although I cannot be there to witness the joy in your faces for this great accomplishment, there is no doubt that all of you should feel proud and very excited.
“There are many necessary skills and attributes to work in the private service industry. You have now learned the skills. As you apply your knowledge, my hope is that you continue to grow and always strive for the best”
Trainees and officials in family picture
   The spokesperson for the graduates was full of praises for the training offered by Help-Out. “We are very grateful we have acquired the skills and we say ‘thank you’ to the initiator. It is never too late to learn”, she said, beaming.
  The pioneer graduates are: Mesdames Dimla Mirabel,Nyah Yvonne,Mojoko Mary,Lilian Bate and Belinda Tingen
The training, according to a Help Out leaflet, “has become necessary so as to curb the much -talked about child-labor and human trafficking phenomenon; that those certified are included in the database of Help-Out and are assisted to be respectfully and gainfully employed.
   Training modules include: Career Development, Housekeeping, In the kitchen, Laundry, Basic child care, Health and safety, Effective Communication and Protocol.
( For information, contact Help-Out,Buea-Cameroon Tel: 00237 77622112 Email:helpout­  Website:  or )


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