Monday, May 12, 2014

Fako West Constituency: Hon. Lifaka Back to Field to Thank Electorate for Her Victory

By Christopher Ambe
Hon Emilia  Lifaka addresses  Maumu Electorate
    In keeping with what has become her tradition after electoral victories, Hon. Emila Monjowa Likafa, who was on September 30, 2013 re-elected as Member of Parliament (MP) for Fako West (Buea Rural), for the third term running, on Sunday May 11, returned to Maumu village, one of the localities in her constituency to say “Thank You” to the electorate.
    Hon .Lifaka, who is also Substantive Member of the running CPDM Central Committee and Vice-President of the National Assembly, carried along to Maumu bags of fertilizer, umbrellas, some kitchen utensils and a financial package which she happily donated to the electorate, apparently to make her Thank You Message not only personal but also tangible.
Praising the Maumu electorate for voting overwhelmingly for the CPDM in the 2002, 2007 and 2013 parliamentary elections, an elated Hon. Lifaka, told them: “I have come here to tell you, ‘Thank You’.”
She added, “When you befriend a hunter, you can hardly lack beef in your soup, and in your house.” Her statement was heavily applauded by the crowd of CPDM partisans present.
Warm welcome accorded Hon. Lifaka
    The VP urged the CPDM supporters in Maumu sub section to remain loyal to the CPDM which, she noted, is a party for meaningful development and progress.
     Conscious that Maumu is a cosmopolitan locality, the VP called for the reinforcement of Cameroon  Government’s policy of national unity and integration in the locality ,which -because of its rich volcanic soils, has attracted many non-natives especially North westerners who now settle there(for agricultural reasons).
“It does not matter from wherever someone has come and decides to settle in Fako,he/she  is considered also as a Fako person”, she told the crowd of jubilant  CPDM members and sympathizers who turned –up  to listen to her address them.
Hon Lisinge with hat & Mbome M.
    Earlier in her welcome speech, Mondoa Kulu, President of Maumu CPDM Subsection, described Hon. Lifaka not only as a duty-conscious MP but also as a caring mother, who has always communed with them, supporting their development efforts by assisting social groups, helping to build their school, donating school needs to less privileged children etc.
    But Mr. kulu, cited some pressing problems faced by Maumu such as lack of a health centre, a secondary school, a good roads which are begging for quick attention. He urged Hon.Lifaka to use her office and powers to follow up the realization of the mentioned projects in the locality.
Hon.Lifaka salutes crowd
    Replying to the worries raised by Mr.Kulu, the VP promised to lobby hard for the realization of the mentioned projects.
    Hon. Lifaka was accompanied to her “Meet –the- People Tour” in Maumu by Hon. Lisinge Arthur Ekeke, MP for Buea Urban and Emmanuel Mbome Motomby, 1st Deputy Mayor of Buea; there, both elected officials publicly rallied support for the VP and the CPDM party.
Bakweri  dance group displays
Choral singing and cultural dances added colour to the MP’s Maumu visit.
  The visit to Maumu was preceded by a similar one to Idenau a few weeks ago, during which Hon. Lifaka also made financial and material donations to the electorate.
    The VP is expected in the Bonjongo Court Area today May 12; on Thursday May 15 in Lysoka Area and on May 16, at the BONAVADA Area in continuation of her “Meet -the -People Tour

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