Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dr. Fru Richard: A Magnet of Excellence Awards!

       By Christopher Ambe

Kribi Mayor hands award to Dr Fru (in shirt)
 Dr. Fru Richard, Chief Executive Officer of the Garden of Eden Naturopathic Institute of West Africa (GENIWA), with head office in Buea-Cameroon and an ardent advocate of traditional medicine, can be described as a magnet of excellence awards, for his contribution to the promotion of traditional medicine, as well as his philanthropic activities.

By the end of March 2014, he had many national and international awards to his credit in recognition of his contribution to the well-being of humanity, yet the awards keep coming.

Last April 4, Dr. Fru was again one of 35 laureates honored at Hotel Framotel in Kribi, Ocean Division of the South Region, the French language weekly L’Essentiel”,during a ceremony chaired the SDO for Ocean ,Bisaga Antoine. According to the organizers, the 35 laureates in different fields of activities were honored for their contributions towards Cameroon Vision 2035.

The President of the award jury was Professor Pierre Titi Nwel, a Board member of ELECAM with Bingono Francis Bingono of CRTV as one of the jury members.

An elated Dr. Fru had his award (a certificate and a trophy) handed to him, amid thunderous applause, by the Mayor of Kribi 1

After receiving the award, Dr.Fru remarked, “I feel elated and happy. It is usually said that hard work brings awards. I think it is because of our continuous efforts in the promotion of natural medicine in Cameroon, Africa and the rest of the world that we have been honored here again.”

   After the Kribi award, then came this year’s World Press Freedom Day on May, which coincided with Cameroon Herald Media Awards –which ceremony took place at Chariot Hotel, in Buea.

  Here again, Dr Fru was honored for his “outstanding contribution to humanity in the year 2013”

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