Tuesday, September 13, 2016

2016 Feast of Tabaski: Buea Muslims told to shun corruption

The Imam of  Buea Central Mosque and some local  administrators  in familly picture

By Josepher Mbako Zakah*
 Muslims in Buea, Monday September 12, celebrated the Feast of Tabaski under the theme “SACRIFICE”   with a call by the Imam of Buea Central Mosque Mohammed Abubakar on them to shun corruption, which he said is the root of poverty and to remain obedient servants of God.
     The Imam also prayed for peace to continue reigning in Cameroon and called on celebrants to be advocates of peace, noting that Islam is a religion of peace.

     The Feast of the Ram is celebrated annually among Muslims world-wide and it is a moment of great merriment.

Highlight of the celebration is the slaughtering of  bulky rams in remembrance of Abraham’s sacrifice to God.

      The Muslims shared their slaughtered rams with their families, neighbors and the poor.

      This feast is considered very important as it reminds Muslims of the special position of sacrifice in the Muslim community and it is also a call for Muslims to pay lesser attention on worldly values and rather focus totally on God’s commandments; for this is what Abraham did when all he needed from God was a son and even when he was given that son he did not hesitate when God asked him to sacrifice him (Ishmael); but he was only stopped by God himself.

      According to Imam of Mile 17 and Molyko in Buea, Dr. Ibrahim  such an important feast  makes them feel as new-born  and free from sin and iniquity after it celebration ,conscious that man’s heart inclined towards worldly things. I

     The Imam then advised Muslims worldwide: “Be ready…and free yourselves from the shackles of this world. And concentrate on Allah alone.”

   According to the Imam of Buea , President of the Council of Imams  and Muslim dignitaries, Mohammed Abubakar,  this feast signifies obedience to God’s order -as has been legislated and is in three dimensions: the spiritual, the moral and the social.
Muslim Women at the prayer ground in Buea
 He said the moral part compels an individual to follow instructions as given which will go a long way to making that person a law-abiding citizen, while socially, the symbolic meat slaughtered on this day is shared with the poor as God is neither in need of meat nor blood.

  The Secretary-General in the Southwest Governor’s office Clement Fon Ndikum,among other regional dignitaries, joined  the Buea Muslims in the celebration.

*Josepher Mbako  Zakah is a University of Buea Journalism Student

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