Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Cameroon:Justice Ayah visits detained SCNC activist Oben Maxwell

The Persecution of Oben Maxwell

Hon.Lord Justice Ayah Paul
A human rights’ organization, JUSTICE4ALL, sent a team to the Buea Central Prison  on  September 9, 2016, to visit Oben Maxwell. 
     One of the organization’s lawyers did offer  to seek legal redress for Oben who has been in prison custody since February 2, 2014 – upwards of 30 months; whereas, by Camerounese law, such custody should not exceed six months…
     Low-spirited and with waning sight, Oben was utterly depressed that schools have reopened but his children are all out of school. He sobbed that one of his daughters is marrying without his even knowing the date of ceremony. And all these odds against him without his knowing what his crime is, or why, if any crime he has committed, the case against him cannot be heard.
     He informed the team that when his case last came up on August 30, the court did not as much as sign any warrant to bring up prisoner. That means that he is not aware of the next appointed day. His apprehension is that he may join the many who have been in custody in perpetuity because their cases have lapsed from the current cause lists.
     The team, led by the founder of JUSTICE4ALL, Justice Ayah Paul gave him assurance that they would contact his counsel to pursue the matter. The question remains though: why is Oben Maxwell in custody in perpetuity? And that begs the further question as to why any case against cannot be heard and determined within the law.
     Some learned person somewhere may wish to edify us on why we should not view this as organized persecution?

Source:Justice4all Secretariat

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