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Ugly Things They  Do That Parents least Suspect

By Josepher Mbako Zakah*

Josepher Mbako Zakah
   Getting university education is the aspiration of many a Cameroonian student.

Certainly, not all university hopefuls are lucky to pass through the tertiary institution; those who gain admission there try to make the most out of it by striving  to achieve not only what is rightly expected of them but also some secret goals. After all, many say that being a university student means you have become mature, independent and responsible for your own actions.

It is for these reasons that many students are allowed to live far away from their parents or guardians with the latitude to take control of their own lives.

But it is unfortunate that some of these students exploit this opportunity to indulge into immoral and illegal activities that bring nothing but shame to their parents and to an extent to the community.

Some of the questionable activities of varsity students include but are not limited to: scamming, flirting, online prostitution/sexting, habitual night-clubbing, occultism and cohabitation. The above -mentioned are the most common among university students in Buea. 


 Scamming- simply defined as a fraudulent deal- seems to be a selfishly profitable activity for many university students. They want to grow rich over night and live in kind of luxury.

Interestingly, scamming formerly seen as a male activity now attracts female students. Student-scammers think that it is not wrong at all to trick a Whiteman and get money as some form of punishment for latter’s wanton exploitation of natural resources for centuries.

Tony Sone, a student in Buea gave testimony of his friend imprisoned because he was found guilty of scamming. Another testimony from one student Kenyi Immaculate revealed how a teenager suddenly became mad after fraudulently receiving huge sums of money from an unknown person overseas.Such are some of the ordeals many student- scammers go through. Others have reportedly been struck dead by evil spirits, believed to have been sent by scamming victims.

 But it’s rather a surprise that a growing number of youths especially university students still get involved in this confidence trick business.

Some parents think that students from poor backgrounds easily get involved in scamming-finding it hard to foot their bills in a rather expensive university milieu.

To Pastor Meshach   of Full Gospel Church Malingo-Buea, it’s  peer pressure and the love for money that push them to do such, alluding to the Bible ,which says “The love for money is the root of all evil”. The Clergyman adds that, it’s that the urgent need for money that makes the students see scamming is the only solution whereas there are other legal ways by students can raise money to help cater for their school needs.


  It’s now fashionable among university students to have more than one dating partner not withstanding the prevalence of venereal diseases. The female student chooses to have more than one boyfriend so to have greater chances of satisfying her basic/material needs. According to a female student, “If I have two boyfriends and in need, if Boyfriend A fails, Boyfriend B   will supply”

 An interesting story is told how a boyfriend discovered names of so-called rival boyfriends in her girlfriend’s phone saved as Loser 1, Loser 2 and Loser 3.And using the girl’s phone to dial his number he discovered to his utter dismay that despite his huge expenditure on girls she saved his name in the phone as Fool International, since he was only visiting Buea from the USA.

Dishonest girls attach suitors’ names to particular needs and save as such hoping only to get financial or material gains from their suitors while deliberately toiling with their emotions. Who cares in a materialistic world?

Promiscuous young men on their part choose to have several girlfriends at a time in order to have sex more frequently and to have their chores done for them-and these guys schedule the visits of the girls to avoid clashes. Two girls realizing that they are dating the same boyfriend have fought against each other.


    Many university female students shamefully use their genitalia as a source of income by secretly embracing prostitution, which is illegal in Cameroon but common .They travel to other towns  where they are  not known to  meet  “sugar mommy or sugar-daddy” from whom they receive usually financial returns in exchange of sex. A newfound practice that is common now is online pornography/prostitution/sexting whereby nude photos and videos of ladies are sent in exchange for money.

This is a demonic exercise as testimonies of people reveal that demonic spirits go through these pictures into the lives of their victims   and cause mental and other spiritual damages.

Orock Ndip Romeo, an ex-student from the University of Buea testified that his friend got mad after having online sex on Skype with an unknown person and was taken to TB Joshua in Nigeria for deliverance.

Another testimony from Tony Sone, says nude pictures of a girl named Edith was posted on face book and investigation later revealed that  were  pictures she had sent to her online lover.

                                   Habitual Nightclubbing  

    Some university students have cultivated the habit of night clubbing at the expense of their studies. They don’t buy book but spend elusive FCFA gulping alcoholic drinks. . A day without clubbing leaves them with a feeling of emptiness This activity exposes them to many dangers: they risk being attacked by thieves o their way back home; drunkenness, sexual harassment, lie-telling, lateness to classes the next day due to hangovers etc.

                                 Armed Robbery

    Having Buea as our case study, robbery is one of the most rampant activities particularly during the rainy season. Although one cannot say for sure if the thieves are actually university students, considering that Buea has student residential localities and coupled with extravagant lifestyles some engage in, one can’t help but conclude that some of these students partake in robbery as a means of getting fast money. Some of these night robbers stop at nothing to get what they want and this includes killing their victims or leaving them seriously wounded. Thieves are been beaten, imprisoned and others even put to death before the arrival of police men on regular intervals on the streets of molyko. A thief last year broke into a room only to find the occupant whom he stabbed before escaping.

 Luckily enough the sound of the victim’s scream drew the attention of his neighbors who immediately went into the room to find their neighbor in a pool of his own blood. The armed robber in trying to escape fell from the fifth floor and broke his leg, facilitating his arrest and detention.


Belonging to a cult in school has become almost fashionable in varsity milieus in Cameroon. Members of such groups enjoy the pride and power the gained belonging to such but are treated with suspicion by God-fearing students as they are seen as blood suckers

 Their activities equally involve invoking of demonic evil spirits for self-fortification.

This happens when a boyfriend and girlfriend live together and enjoy the advantages of marriage as though are legally married. This is usually done without the knowledge of the parents and most cases it’s the girl that chooses to cohabit with her boyfriend. It’s referred to by some as “small marriage” as they indulge into activities of married couples. Some say it’s a way of practicing how to live with a husband or wife before marriage.

 This may work out well with some who end in a legal marriage but a good number of cohabitants part ways sometimes in disappointment. It has caused ‘broken hearts’ drop out from school and unwanted pregnancies while others get sexually transmissible diseases. 

  It is necessary that everyone should contribute in one way or another toward helping university student live and do only morally correct and legal things. Parents should seek to know the kind of people their children keep as friends, pay surprise visits to make them conscious of their goals as university students.. Pastor Meshach of Full Gospel church Malingo advises that, students must not be allowed either by parents or guardians to do anything in the name of democracy-“otherwise people will start killing others on street in the name of democracy”. He urges frequent police patrol in and around cyber cafes to check illegal activities of users. The clergyman calls on   churches to persuasively preach word and commandments of God to all and sundry using every possible means.

Students should therefore be careful in choosing friends to avoid negative influence for the scripture says bad company corrupts good manners. They should equally have a goal to achieve and be conscious of why they are in school.                                                                                        

The above mentioned issues of university student life are a problem that needs the intervention of almost everyone in the society for a solution to be arrived at. This will not only help the student but everyone who contributes to it. By helping students by laid down regulations and the laws the land, is in effect, reducing the incidence of immorality and illegality.

NB:Josepher Mbako Zakah is a University of Buea journalism student on internship.

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