Monday, February 4, 2013

Buea Mayor Opts For Public Scrutiny about His Development Drive

By Christopher Ambe

The Mayor of Buea, Charles Mbella Moki, has launched a new development initiative which is styled the “Buea Transparency Initiative”

 Mayor Charles Mbella Moki:Thinking  how to modernize Buea
 The initiative is intended to assemble different stakeholders within the Buea Council to jointly and publicly assess the efforts of the Council -under his leadership- toward the enhancement of development in the municipality. The pioneer forum has been billed for Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at the Capitol Hotel Buea as from 4 PM.

Highlights of the forum will include presentations, a press conference, public assessment of projects realized or being realized, constructive criticism, development-focused contributions and more. 

Following is the press statement the mayor issued ahead of the rendezvous with the public.
Press Statement
Buea Transparency Initiative

“Having one of the fastest growing populations in Cameroon, Buea-The Land of Legendary Hospitality, has witnessed unprecedented infrastructural and socio-economic changes in the last decade, thanks to the vision and  tireless effort of its local government and the ever active stakeholders of the Municipal Council.

In the light of the above, there are challenges accompanying the evolution of modern day Buea, therefore the Lord Mayor, Mbella Moki Charles engages all city dwellers and authorities within the Municipality to assemble and reason together.  It is also a clarion call on the Buea population to accompany its Local Council authority in its development efforts especially at a defining moment like one Buea is passing through now.

Therefore, the people of Buea are invited for a Buea Transparency Initiative slated for Wednesday, February 6th 2013, at 4.00pm at the Capitol Hotel Buea.  There shall be an assessment of the performance indicators of the Buea Council, an appeal on the entire community for effective participation at upcoming celebrations marking the 50th Anniversary of our Reunification and the role of every Buea city dweller at the upcoming historic event.

The Buea Transparency Initiative has a package reserved for the Wednesday rendezvous itself. Journalists, Public Authorities, Buyam Sellams, Taxi Drivers, Union Leaders, Civil Society Organizations are therefore invited to participate and make a valuable contribution for the Buea of today and tomorrow.  

We look forward to the realization of our vision and our goal which states that “By 2035, Buea should be a strong, economically active Municipality, with adequate and equitable coverage of social infrastructures allowing citizens to live in a secure, healthy and comfortable environment”, in which case and as a goal the Buea Municipality strives to develop, maintain, enhance and sustain the socio-economic, cultural and physical well being of residents by providing a solid base to technical services, civil society organizations, corporations and industries. 


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