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Medical doctors have confirmed TRIDESOL is one of the best medicines for cancer: Dr.Richard Fru

Dr.Richard Fru, Winner of multiple awards for research in traditional medicine and the Director of Buea-based Dr.Fru’s Garden of Eden International Healing and Research Foundation, has boosted that his new medicine for cancer (TRIDESOL) has also been confirmed by many medical doctors in Cameroon as very effective. He spoke to The Recorder Newspaper. Read on.

Dr. Fru: Researcher ,Traditional Medicine
Dr.Fru how is research in traditional medicine carried out?
You know traditional medicine is defined as knowledge being handed down to us from generation to generation. And we have our way to carry out research which is very special and different from the way research is done for conventional medicine. In conventional medicine, when they discover that something can work, they have to take it to the laboratory to do their testing.
In traditional medicine we research by getting plants which have already been proven to fight against a certain diseases, and then we work on- combining two or more plants to see how more effective they can be to other illnesses. We also ensure they don’t have any negative side effects on individuals. The way we carry out the research is special and our medicines safe to be consumed or used by humans

There are reports that your foundation has discovered a new cure or should I say treatment for cancer. But before you tell our readers about the new cure or drug, what is cancer?
Cancer is something evil that grows in the body. It results from the distortion of the book of life in the human being. This has to do with the distortion of the coding of DNA. And it brings about abnormal growth, which is the distortion in the book of life in the human cell. Cancer is different from normal tumors which are non-malignant.
I know many people will ask,” “what is the book of life of human?” Every human has a code that determines who they are; how their system is made up; their destiny and every thing is buried in it. This is found in the DNA and inside the DNA, you find genes which have codings.Once the re is a change in the DNA, the cell programming is distorted and it starts dividing and multiplying rapidly. And when it grows as such, it extends and kills the surrounding cells .Then so many things come in and it leads to the deterioration of the individual and he subsequently dies

Now tell us about your new drug for cancer
Thank you. We have been curing cancers over the years. We have one medicine that we can be proud of .This medicine is one of the best that cancer patients can ever find. There are so many doctors in hospitals who have confirmed that our medicine is one of the best for the treatment of cancer. This new drug is the modification of the old medicine we have been using. We have researched and improved its contents. This medicine is known as TRIDESOL (Try-Dis-One), which is now helping to cure of all types of cancers-be it liver cancer, prostate cancer, Intestinal cancer, cancer of the colon, cervical cancer, breast cancer, cancer of the uterus etc.

It is a compoundment of several curative plants-barks of trees, spices, seeds that are antioxidant that go to revitalize the system ,detoxify it and give vigor to the system and supply radiation to the system .The medicine does not go to kill cancer cells directly. You know by right, cancer is not supposed to grow in the human system. It is only when we introduce the breeding ground s for it, by distorting the book of life that cancer grows. There are certain conditions that when you subject the system to, cancer cannot longer grow. It ends up dying. So our medicine detoxifies the system, cleans it, does some work there to rectify the book of life that has been distorted by what we are taking such as toxins .Then it supplies energy to the system and the system revitalizes itself and starves cancer cells to death.

There are different kinds of cancer. Would you say cancer is curable or treatable?
When you say treatable it means you are attempting to cure. You can treat but you don’t cure. Cure means you are making better. I say our medicine is bringing healing to individuals. But it does not mean that everybody who takes it will get healed. So many things surround cancer, There are cancer cases which we need to, first of all, give certain medicines, do some work on the patients before treatment.
Many patients have come to us and we discovered that their cancers are caused by viruses; some by bacteria; some caused by fungi. Others are caused by what they eat-the wrong food-eg sugary products. Some are caused by consuming foods that were planted with fertilizers and all sorts of chemicals, pesticides used to spray crops. Some are caused by wearing clothes that absorb negative radiation from the sun and send into the body…
Others are caused by witchcraft. Witches and wizards alter the book of life through spiritual manipulation of the body. There are so many causative agents of cancer. That is why TRIDESOL has been produced to act in a holistic manner.TRIDESOL actually has more than 70 medicinal plants. Out of the 70, not all the plants fight against cancer. There are some plants there just to check so that the medicine does not have negative effects on the body. Some of the plants there bring healing and deliverance to the system -in case there are spiritual factors involved .Some are ant- fungi, anti-bacterial, and anti-parasite, and so on. There are some just to supply energy to the system.TRIDESOL look s so simple in the package but it is a holistic 

How do you get your cancer patients?
Most of the patients, who come to us, use us as the last resort in the cities. It is only in the villages that when people get sick they easily rush to traditional healers. But in the towns and cities, most people who are exposed to Western civilization, will first go to the hospitals where they believe the miracles are. And when they become frustrated and their cases become chronic that is when they rush to us, crying for help.. But thank God, most of them who come end up  being healed.

So when they come to us, they bring along their diagnosis, and their x-rays and other tests they have done to show they have cancer. When they come, we photocopy their hospital documents and keep and after curing them, we send them back to the hospitals where they conducted the various tests for verification. At the end of the day, they return to us happy that they have been healed.No longer any trace of cancer in their systems
For patients who have never known they have cancers, when we consult them and suspect, we send them to go for scanning and others tests. If they are diagnosed cancerous, or not we still treat them.

Would you really say cancer is preventative?
Yes, it is. The best medicine is prevention. Prevention, you must have heard is better than cure.
That is why we have preventive medicines. But unfortunately today some preventive medicines are instead what intoxicate the body-causing more diseases in the system. There are many sick people who come to me and say they are just from this or that preventive health centers. I tell them that those centers are for people who are not sick. I ask them that you are already sick and what is your business with preventive health centers?
Preventive medicine is our psychology. You need to educate the people because the first medicine education. Educate the people on what to eat and what not. The second medicine begins in the kitchen-our food. Most of the diseases we have are as the result of the bad food we eat. We eat wrong, eat at wrong time. That is where our health problems are coming from.
Indeed, cancers are preventable if we know what to do and when.

With your discovery of this cancer medicine, do you have any appeal to public?
I am calling on the whole world to go in for traditional medicine. Traditional medicine is highly recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).It is a better decision to settle for traditional medicine.
First published in The Recorder Newspaper,Cameroon,of February 15,2013

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