Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cameoon Basic Education:Over 71,760 to receive FSLC, CEP and CAPIEMP Certificates in Southwest Region

By Christopher Ambe

Njika Joseph
A total of 71,763 in the Southwest region who wrote and passed the First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC) and Certificat  d’Etude  Primaire(CEP)   many years back ,and those who were successful at the  Teacher’s Grade One Certificate(CAPIEMP) of 2009,2010 and 2011 examination sessions  on  February 14,2013 at the CNPS hall  were awarded  their long-awaited certificates.

The certificate- award ceremony ,which  brought together  hundreds of education officials, teachers,  recipients  and parents, was  chaired by Southwest Regional Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai,according to Njika Joseph, Southwest  Regional  Delegate for  Basic Education .

Mr. Njika, who told The Recorder on Tuesday that the ceremony is of great importance because people had gone for years without certificates, said the certificates given out were specially printed in France, making it very difficult for forgers to print them.

“The certificates handed over are of high quality and were printed in France with much security”, the Regional Delegate said, adding that “they have special features to guard against fraud and forgery.”
Of the total of 71,763 certificates given out in the Southwest, the breakdown is as follows;
1)      65,659 FSLC  (II) 2,506 CEP   and ( III) 3,607 CAPIEMP

It is hoped that because of the delay in issuing the certificates by the Ministry of Basic Education, school officials concerned would not further complicate the process of collection by their owners under any pretext.
Mr. Njika commended the Minister of Basic Education Youssouf  Hadidja  Alim for the initiative as well as for her sustained efforts in promoting quality but affordable basic education in Cameroon.
In the absence of original certificates various graduates were using poorly designed attestations of results issued by the Ministry of Basic Education. And these attestations were easily falsified by forgers for selfish motives.

First Published in The Recorder Newspaper,Cameroon of February 15,2013

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