Saturday, February 16, 2013

Reunification celebration:Biya Urged To Tar Loum-Tombel-Kumba

By Christopher Ambe

 Militants and sympathizers of Kupe Muanenguba III CPDM section (Tombel) have called on the Government to consider  as a priority now the tarring of what some refer to as the unification road, that is the  Loum-Kumba-Tombel stretch of road so to add more value to the coming  50th Anniversary celebrations  of the Reunification of Cameroon.

History has it that prior to reunification in October 1961, this stretch of road was tarred, and it served as the main link between East and West Cameroon. 

It is said that most of the Southern Cameroons actors and delegation to the historical Foumban Conference were using this road, which unfortunately today is in a very deplorable state.

The call was made recently and is a resolution contained in a motion of thanks and encouragement addressed to President Paul Biya by the Kupe-Muanenguba III CPDM Section during an evaluation meeting on voter registration. The meeting was chaired by Ndille Albert, Vice Chair of Tombel council area on voter registration.

 The meeting was attended by all the section’s 23 subsection presidents including dignitaries such as the Chief of Tombel, Dr. Salle Bernard and the DO for Tombel.

During the voter registration assessment, The Recorder gathered, militants identified poor roads as a cause for voter apathy. 

First published in The Recorder Newspaper, Cameroon, of February 15, 2013

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