Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cameroon:Musonge tells SW Populations: Vote CPDM To Enable Biya Implement Political Agenda

By Christopher Ambe  
  President Paul Biya needs a comfortable majority in the National Assembly “to enable him implement his policy program of ‘Major Accomplishments’, Senator P.M. Musonge, CPDM SW Regional Campaign Leader, has told the populations of the Southwest Region.
Launching campaigns in Buea, Monday, September 16, for the September 30 municipal and parliamentary elections, the Senator cum former Prime Minister underscored the importance of the twin elections.
P.M Musonge(in glasses) at CPDM campaign launching in Buea
   “The full exercise of executive power in the country requires a good majority in the National Assembly and a hold on a good majority of councils”, Senator Musonge noted.
In 2011“the whole country elected our candidate, H.E Paul Biya, National President of our Party, with an overwhelming majority on the basis of his policy of “Major Accomplishments”, he said, before insisting, “It is of prime importance that we give the President of the Republic a comfortable in the National Assembly to enable him implement his political agenda…The same holds true for the municipal election.”
He said the “success of the ‘Major Accomplishments’ policy depends on the support of the grass-roots, its ownership and enrichment in our city and town councils”, adding that the councils need a good CPDM majorities to uphold the ideals of peace, unity and progress at local level.
     Senator Musonge noted that the twin elections constitute an opportunity to consolidate the victory achieved in the last Presidential election of October 2011.
   Talking about CPDM candidates, the Regional Campaign Leader described them as people who are driven by the desire to serve Cameroon, to work in the public interest and to make a decisive contribution to the happiness of all and sundry. “CPDM candidates are people with a high sense of civic responsibility who reflect both the diversity and unity of our dear and beautiful country,” Senator Musonge said.
He reminded the public that in the twin elections 2007, the Southwest Region had 14 out of 15 parliamentary seats and 29 out of 31 councils.
    CPDM Militants and sympathizers were urged to collect their voter cards so that on Election Day, they will vote right “by voting for the CPDM lists and candidates”
The Ex-premier warned the public against letting their votes fall in the hands of the opposition, which he described as wrong hands. “..Wrong hands can retard our progress because of lack of experience and bad faith…We must vote right,” he emphasized
   The launching was attended by Southwest Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai and some senators of the Region including Senator Charles Mbella Moki, who in his capacity as Buea CPDM president had welcomed the Regional campaign leader and his delegation.
(This article also appears in The Recorder Newspaper,Cameroon,of September 27,2013)

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