Friday, September 27, 2013

PAP’s Rudolf Lyonga to Buea Urban Electorate: “Elected, I will do what’s expected of an MP”

By Christopher Ambe
PAP Parliamentary Candidate for Buea Urban :Rudolf  Lyonga
Rudolf Ephungany Lyonga, the dynamic 32-year old People’s Action Party (PAP) parliamentary candidate for Buea Urban, who is reportedly winning the hearts many especially young electors in the constituency, has publicly vowed to serve as a trusted messenger and a development advocate if elected MP.
   Mr. Ephungany Lyonga was addressing a campaign rally, September 21, in front of the Molyko –Buea Omnisport Stadium ahead of the September 30 municipal and parliamentary elections.
 He implored the Buea electorate to vote wisely by casting their votes for the PAP candidate, who is an apostle of the Born –Again Cameroon vision of Hon .Paul Ayah Abine.
 The rally was mostly attended by youth, the target of the candidate should he assume the office of MP.
  It is said that past MP’s for Buea did not do enough to bring about development in the constituency and many now think that it is time for a young man of the class of Mr. Ephungany Lyonga to assume that honorable seat.
“ I have come here to tell you  one thing: that I will be your Member of Parliament(MP).I want to assure you all that I will do what is expected of  an MP,” the smiling Ephungany Lyonga,declared,attracting  applause from the audience.
He said an MP is a messenger, a mixer, an outspoken person fighting for the development and interests of his constituency. The soft-spoken candidate told his electorate that” I want to change the victim mentality of youth to a victor mentality’
“I want to be your MP because I am your voice, your choice”, he told the audience, noting that “we must start building ourselves first in order to change society”
   Mr.Ephungany Lyonga, conscious of the high rate of unemployment, poverty and misery in Cameroon, strongly encouraged the youth to be determined, focused and forward-looking.
“Your background does not put your back to the ground”, he told  the rally, adding that he decided to run for MP because he saw so many loopholes in the Cameroonian society begging for solutions, which of which he can offer.
Drawing inspiration from Barrack Obama, he challenged Cameroonian youth to aspire to develop–without fear and become great leaders. “We can!” he quoted US President, Barrack Obama as saying.
   According to Mr.Lyonga, voting voting PAP candidates is voting for:  a new generation of leaders, a voice for the voiceless, an eye to the blind; a reward to the underprivileged, a hope for the youth and a vision for the people
Mr. Lyonga is a native of Buea, a business, married and has children.      
[This article also appears in The Recorder Newspaper, Cameroon, of September 27, 2013]

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