Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cameroon:Prison administrators told to be professional exemplars

      ENAP Director commended for her quest for Excellence
By Christopher Ambe
Director of ENAP:Mrs Fonkem
     Senior officials of Cameroon’s penitentiary administration have been implored to be professional exemplars.

      Doh Jerome Penbaga, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Justice in charge of Penitentiary Administration made the call September 6, at Bongo Square, Buea as he presided the graduation of the 5th batch of trainee- prison administrators from the National School of Penitentiary Administration (ENAP),Buea

     The 20 trainee- administrators, according to Mr.Penbaga, were in a lower category and got promoted in the enviable rank of administrators of prisons. They did a 9-month refresher course and are now expected to be redeployed to various positions “to over see the diligent implementation of penitentiary policy as enshrined by government of Cameroon”, the Secretary of state said.

 “I exhort you to always be exemplary in conduct within the professional circles as well as within the society,”Mr. Penbaga told the graduates, “so as to continue to merit the high confidence bestowed on you by hierarchy’

He noted that “the functioning of at the centre of security preoccupations and will be object of diligent attention before, during and after the September 30 twin elections”

      The penitentiary personnel were implored   by the Penitentiary boss “to ensure security and total serenity within the entire prison system by rigorously applying the special measures instructed by hierarchy for this particular period.

He said ENAP remains an attraction in the Central African sub region in terms of training penitentiary personnel.Mr. Penbaga saluted some ten Gabonese student- administrators and superintendents of prisons currently being trained at ENAP.

The Secretary of State disclosed that a review of ENAP status as swell as its training courses was near completion and will soon be a reality.

     Director of ENAP, Mrs. Fonkem nee Fofung Manyi Immaculate, respected administrator –general of prison and her collaborators received accolade from the Secretary of State “ for their efforts  in an ever –growing quest for excellence.”

 ENAP, he said, would soon receive over 300 new students of different categories who passed the entrance exam early this year.

    Earlier in her welcome address, the Director of ENAP said the 20 trainee- administrators of prisons graduating “are civil servants of the Penitentiary Administration who were already working and were promoted to higher grades. She said they effectively started their refresher course last January 12, adding that 21 trainees were shortlisted for the refresher course but one did not show-up for unknown reason.

     According to the Director, ENAP became an international training school since March 2013 with the admission of students from Gabon. She said the training of the trainee-administrators went hitch-free thanks to constant support from the State of Cameroon.

“Our greatest desire is to have a modern penitentiary school with international standards especially now that ENAP has gone international”, Mrs. Fonkem said.

     The Director said the graduates are well-equipped and ready to serve Cameroon with mastery and devotion. She lauded them for demonstrating a high sense of maturity and discipline during the training before urging them: “You should use your initiative and the modern skills acquired in prison management to improve your manner of work in prisons. Help the inmates to turn over a new leaf and treat them with respect to Human rights.

 (First published in The Recorder Newspaper,Cameroon,of September 9,2013)

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