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Cameroon:Newly Enthroned Chief of Sasse for Development & Unity.

New Chief of Sasse, Abel Mokuke Ndive, happily greets the population that turned-up at his coronation
By Christopher Ambe
At last, a new chief of Sasse village , which hosts St. Joseph’s College- fondly called Sasse, one of Cameroon’s most prestigious colleges, has been enthroned in an atmosphere of calm and peace, 

Abel Mokuke Ndive,a 42 year-old business man, who is the new chief, was Saturday ,17 January at the Village Square   officially presented to the public by the Divisional Officer for Buea,Paul Kouam Wokam, bringing to rest a bitter rivalry over who should  succeed Chief Joseph Molua Mokenge, who died in 1991,leaving the throne vacant for twenty-two(23) years.

New chief with Buea DO,Paul Wokam and Northwest fons
“Sasse village which has existed as any other Bakweri  village and situated in Buea  subdivision of Fako Division, is well documented in the archives of Cameroon, with acknowledgement of its agricultural prowess and the significant role it has played in Cameroon’s history”, said the pro-tem Chairman of Sasse village Traditional Council, Mola Liowe Francis. 

“We are happy that today we have a chief selected by the kingmakers of the village under the supervision of Government of the Republic here represented by the Divisional officer for Buea and in strict observation of Bakweri Traditional Rites and customs”
Mola Liowe noted that Sasse has been the pillar of education in Cameroon for more than 75 years.

He pledged the readiness of the entire village to support Chief Ndive, who, he said, “is the great-grandson of Mokenge mo Liowe, the first identifiable Chief of Sasse Village in the 1929 archived records”

He used the occasion to send a message of support and encouragement to President Biya for his able leadership of Cameroon.

Cross-section of chiefs of  Buea Subdivision
Northwest  Traditional dance group
The Divisional Officer for Buea Paul Kouam Wokam, urged the new chief to keep aside personal interest as a leader and promote development and unity in the village,as well as fight crime.
An elated Chief Ndive said his first priority would be to identify the village boundaries, the various families and to embark on agricultural development.

One of Sasse kingmakers, Associate Professor Ernest Molua, told The Recorder that the enthronement of the new chief “is the dawn of a new era. It is time for a new beginning since my grand-father late Chief Joseph Molua Mokenge died in September 1991.I am glad that my cousin has been enthroned to fill the vacuum -so that we start rebuilding the village, which hosts the prestigious St.Joseph’s College. We are well connected to the ex-students of the college who find themselves in diverse leadership positions in and out of the country, and we think with their support we can start rebuilding the village, making sure there is constant flow of water, electricity; a primary and even a secondary school provided –especially a vocational training centre

“We call on all Sasse sons and daughters to side aside whatever differences and come together for the rebuilding of this beautiful village...”
The university don says the new chief who is a graduate of Longla Commercial College and did his university education at Dschang, is hardworking, generous, creative and was found of the two candidates presented, worthy in character and expectations.

He said Sasse is also a beneficiary of CDC Land Surrender and therefore has the opportunity to expand the village and resettle people.
King maker, Prof. Ernest Molua
The Kingmaker invites development-oriented Cameroonians from diverse backgrounds to “join us in building Sasse. Yes, Sasse is welcoming to well-intentioned people with viable projects. We don’t want con men that will have access to land and end up trading off. In Sasse, we don’t sell land. We allocate you a piece of land to build immediately, and if you don’t live up to expectation, your materials would be seized immediately. My late grand father Chief Mokenge, for his reign of 40 years, never sold an inch of Sasse land. Why should we sell Sasse. Sasse is not for sale.But we are open to investors.”

Apart from Buea chiefs led by Paramount Chief SML Endeley who were present at the coronation, three fons from the Northwest Region who included Fon Fobuzie of Chomba not only witnessed the event but presented a traditional stool and staff to Chief Ndive, as symbol of royalty and authority.
Traditional dances from the Northwest and Southwest regions graced the ceremony.

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