Friday, January 9, 2015

Triumphant Entry into Buea: New PCC Moderator Calls for Unity !

By Christopher Ambe

The Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC), the Rt.Rev.Fonki Samuel and the Synod Clerk, Rev. Babila Fonchang, January 5 officially took office to begin their five-year mandate, promising to make the church spiritually and financially stronger.
As such, the PCC Chief Shepherd has called for greater unity among Christians, imploring them to set aside whatever differences that acts like speed brakes to unity and work faithfully for the growth of the church, whose membership is estimated at over 1.5million.
      The Rt.Rev Fonki was speaking during a hectic reception organized in their honor by the central administration of the PCC and Fako North Presbytery at the PCC Synod Office Hall in Buea, after crowd-pulling and triumphant entry into the town of Legendary Hospitality.
       PCC officials and various Christian groups had converged on the historic Mungo Bridge where they gladly received the Moderator and Synod clerk, and then drove to Buea in a long convoy, chanting songs of victory and renewal of faith, to the admiration of onlookers.
       At the PCC Synod Office Hall, Jacob Ngalle Kinge, retired senior civil administrator and Chairman of PCC Board of Trustees, congratulated the Moderator and the Synod Clerk on their brilliant election to their new offices, but warned them against letting themselves to be taken hostage by any group of people for selfish interest.
In response, the Rt. Rev.Fonki said “We are humbled for what is happening not in our lives but in the life of the PCC.” The Chief Shepherd affirmed that the PCC is active and alive, hoping that Christians would transform their “joy of this day into more prayers for the unity of the Church and purpose”
     The Moderator saw meaning in the grandiose reception organized in their honour, noting that “this means much is expected from us.”
       The Rt.Rev.Fonki, in stating his determination to foster oneness in the church, said: “I have decided to bring a needle (instead of a pair of scissors which cuts) to start off my work with; the needle would patch…factions (if any) in the PCC and bring about greater unity.”
A cross-section of Christian groups at the reception at PCC Synod Office  hall in Buea
      Proposing a toast for the PCC, Senior Citizen and devout Presbyterian Mola Njoh Litumbe, wished that the church should grow by leaps and bounds in all positive aspects under the leadership of new management .But he strongly warned them against falling into temptation of graft. “Money is the source of all evil”, Mola Njoh reminded them, hoping that they would withstand the temptations of the devil and solidly stand for and by the truth.”
      The Moderator and Synod Clerk were expected to begin work in their new offices on Tuesday, January 6. Both of them, according to PCC sources, will be publicly inducted during a grandiose church service in Buea by the end of February or early March.
       The Moderator had Last December been handed the Power of Attorney.
Dignitaries at the reception included Senator Charles Mbella Moki, Buea Mayor Ekema Patrick Esunge, former Minister Itoe Benjamin;former President of Cameroon Bar Council ,Barrister Eta Besong Junior and the Pro-chancellor of Cameroon Christian University(CCU). Prof.Dorothy Limunga Njeuma.
      Past PCC moderators are: Late Rev. Abraham Ngole(1958-69),Late Rev.Jeremiah  Chi kangsen(1969-85),Late Rev,Henry A.Awasom(1985-99),Very Rev.Dr.Nyansako-ni-Nku(1999-2009),Very Rev.Dr.Festus A.Asana(2009-2014) and now Rt.Rev. Fonki Samuel (2014 –date)
      Past PCC synod clerks : Rev. Aaron Su(1959-62),Late  Pastor Moses A, Fondo(1962-64),Late Rev. Aaron Su(1964-67),Late Rev.Jeremiah Chi kangsen(1967-69),Late Rev.Thomas N.Ediage(1969-85),Rev.Dr.Jonas N.Dah(1985-89),Rev Nyansako-ni-nku(1989-99),Rev. Dr.Festus A.Asana(1999-2009),Rev.Abwenzoh William Membong(2009-2014) and now Rev.Babila Fonchang(2014- date)

 (First Published In The RECORDER Newspaper,Cameroon,of July 8,2015)

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