Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cameroon:Hon. Ayah's PAP Decries Colossal Election Malpractices In Petition to Supreme Court

Cameroon's September 30 Municipal and Parliamentary elections   are reported to have taken place in calm and serenity in many parts of the country.
But in many other areas, colossal malpractices marred the polls as evidenced by a petition to the Supreme Court of the country by People's Action Party(PAP),headed by respected career Magistrate and  two-term MP for Akwaya. 
Following is a copy of the petition,which was emailed to The Recorder:

The Supreme Court,


The 2013 Legislative election in Manyu Division, South West Region was marred by colossal malpractices in proportions huge enough to affect the general outcome of the results. People’s Action Party, PAP hereby pray the Supreme Court sitting in lieu of the Constitutional Council to cancel the legislative election in all of Manyu Division.

The following irregularities were recorded:

Ø The intimidation and expulsion of PAP party representatives at many polling stations in Eyumojock: Ogomoko, Afap, Nfuni, Talagaye, Obang Clan; Upper Bayang: Obang Three Corners, Ati Numba, Messing Bakebe;

Ø Trading of PAP ballot papers for money and beer in most of Manyu Division: Numba, Bokwa, Kendem, Mbeme, Kekpoti, Moshie, Fonjo, Fumbe, Bambat, Agong, Sabes, Banga Pongo, Ekpaw, Tinto, all of Mamfe town, Bachuo Akagbe, Mbinjong, Nfainchang, Fotabe, Akiriba, Sumbe, Nchemba, Etoko, Bakebe, Mbio, Mpah, Ashum, just to mention these;

Ø Disenfranchisement of electorates (Elites confiscated many voters’ cards and chased away PAP supporters from participating) and Major General Tataw James Tabe filled in envelopes with CPDM cards and forced them into the polling box in Ossing, A certain Ayuk Manchang did a similar fraud at Talaghaye. In Okoroba village votes were not counted at all but assumed a 100% for CPDM;

Ø Votes were not counted in parts across Eyumojock and Upper Bayang including Obang Clan and Nyennebba village respectively;

Ø Elections did not take place in parts of Southern Akwaya – Mbollo and Takamanda court areas except Satum;

Ø Impersonation of voters and massive fraud perpetrated by some ELECAM officials; polling station results in several parts of Eyumojock and Upper Bayang were bought by CPDM elites. Most local polling commissions were bought over for absentee ballots to be filled in for CPDM;

Ø Disrespect of polling time; at Mgbegati voting started a 10:11 am and reports from villagers say voting ended at 3:00pm with 100% for CPDM.

Ø Disruption of polls: mob action disrupted election in Ewele, Eyumojock;

Ø General disregard of article 289 (Talaghaye, Ogomoko, Okoroba and other Obang clans with the exception of Bakut,  Osselle);

Ø Prof. Teddy Ako of Ossing, Peter Ayukarrey of Ewele, Prof. Peter Agbor Tabi, Oben James of Ogomoko village, Mr. Sam Epey of Messing Bakebe constituted a mobile radical and intimidating team of CPDM Campaign team even on the voting day.

Ø There is gross changing of results in places where CPDM performed fairly. In AKAK and OBAN Clans for example, filling of result was done at chief palaces without polling representatives.

Ø X-Convict like Wilfred Ojong Nchong were not only allowed to vote but acted as recruiting agents of under aged voters in Kembong village. Children less than 16 years were found in possession of voters cards in Kembong and Ogomoko and in these areas voting extended till 8:00pm. Arrah Franklin PAP polling agent to Ogomoko was held hostage for a whole night for refusing to alter the result to give CPDM 100% in Ogomoko.
These among several others constitutes an immense rigging machinery orchestrated by the CPDM in the above mentioned sub divisions which have a great bearing on the outcome of the elections.

Sincerely yours,

PAP Secretary General

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