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Cameroonian/Dutch Journalist Wins Diaspora Media Award 2013

Rotterdam, the Netherlands. October 12, 2013.  Journalist/Author Larry Bate Takang Wins ‘The Voice Magazine Achievers Award 2013’ in the Netherlands and was presented with the ‘Diaspora Media Award 2013’.

Laryy Bate Takang (right) displays award
"Larry Bate Takang, a Cameroonian born Dutch Journalist and author has won the Diaspora Media Award 2013, for his positive contribution to the African Media in the Diaspora. 

Larry Bate received the award during ‘The Voice Magazine Achievers Award 2013’ Gala Night on Friday 11th October 2013 at the Van der Valk Hotel in the city of Almere, The Netherlands.  

The Voice Magazine Achievers Award 2013 is an annual award event which honours Africans both in Africa and in the Diaspora that have made significant achievements or contributions towards the development of their country or Africa as a whole. The prestigious award is the birth child of ‘The Voice Magazine’ published since 1999 in the Netherlands.

In honoring Larry Bate Takang, The Voice Magazine Achievers Award 2013 is recognizing the Cameroonian’s significant contribution and achievement through his hard work in fostering African Media in the Diaspora and Africa through the founding of an International Media Organization known as ‘Africa Press International (API)’ aimed at promoting Press Freedoms and Journalistic standards in Africa and the creation of an International African Magazine, ‘African Celebrities Magazine (ACM)’ which also seeks to promote the positive side of Africa.

Mr. Bate Takang is therefore the Founder/Executive Director of Africa Press International (API) and the Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of African Celebrities Magazine. He is also a poet, playwright and novelist. His books include: A Place of Fun and Evil (Novel); Pilgrimage of no retreat…50 Fascinating Poems (poetry); The Blind Boys and the Journalist (novel); Death of a deadly Friend (play) and other yet to be published books. 

Summary Media Career

Mr. Takang was the Producer and presenter of a live Radio program on literary appreciation called ‘Literary Forum on the Cameroon Radio and Television Corporation (CRTV Buea, Cameroon). He also worked as a Newscaster, reporter and broadcaster. He later trained with Radio France Internationale (RFI) Paris, France and Regional News Network Channel 7 (RNN7) TV Station in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He currently works as a web Editor, Editor-in-Chief of African Celebrities Magazine (ACM) and Executive Director of Africa Press International (API) and press consultant. 

He has been a Press consultant for the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ-Mount Cameroon Project) as well as the permanent reporter for former French Cultural Centre (Alliance Franco-Camerounaise Buea, Cameroon.
He was Interim Secretary of Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists (CAMASEJ) and currently a member of the Netherlands Association of Journalist (NVJ) and the Association of European Journalists (AEJ)."

 (The above is a press release from Africa Press International (API).If you would like more information about this topic or schedule an interview with award winner Larry Bate Takang, please call Africa Press International (API) at +31685074332 or email or   )

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Frank Bayen said...

congrats larry. nice to know the home flame didn't glow abroad. it evidently even shines brighter. three cheers!