Friday, October 18, 2013

Revealed: A Cameroonian MP-elect Did Not Register As a Voter As Required by Law. Will Cameroon Supreme Court Nullify His Election?

Following is  a petition from the People's Action Party(PAP) to Cameroon Elections Management Body,ELECAM,alleging  how certain  Cameroonians violated the law  and are today  MP's.The petition,a copy of which was emailed to the The Recorder,has been widely circulated even to foreign  embassies in Cameroon:

The Board Chairman,
Elections Cameroon,
ELECAM, Yaounde.


Time For ELECAM to Prove Neutrality and Competence

The Intelligence Unit of People's Action Party, PAP has uncovered disturbing facts that would cause some if not all of the parliamentary seats in Manyu automatically become vacant after the Supreme Court's proclamation of results of the legislative election Thursday October 17, 2013.

Fact One: Hard evidence from the Biometric database at Yaounde reveals that retired governor Enow Tanjong from Fotabe village, Upper Bayang, one of the CPDM list members for parliamentary election in Manyu DID NOT REGISTER on the electoral register. Section 156 of Law No. 2012/001 of April 19, 2012 relating to the Electoral Code spells out aparamount eligibility criterion for parliament which is to be registered on the electoral registers.

Note: Sec. 161 (2) of the Electoral Code provides; 'The seat in the National Assembly of a member or alternate shall AUTOMATICALLY become VACANT if, after proclamation of the results of the election, it is established that such member or alternate was INELIGIBLE...'

Fact Two: Again, sufficient evidence there is that Igelle Elias Terhemen from Akwaya -- a list member of the CPDM Parliamentary list in Manyu faked his 'Attestation of Deposit of his Caution Fee'. The said Igelle Elias did not pay his caution fee. This means that Sec. 166 of the Electoral Code was violated which of course, has penal consequences.

Note: For non payment of his caution fee, Igelle Elias Terhemen crumbled the CPDM parliamentary list. ELECAM knows what happens to incomplete lists submitted for screening. It is only logical to state that CPDM DID NOT participate at the legislative election in Manyu.

PAP salutes the effort of ELECAM thus far and understands that no institution can function perfectly without shortcomings. However, such shortcomings must be fixed when noticed. The neutrality and fairness of ELECAM will be measured on how they weigh in to arrest this situation.

In the coming days, PAP shall be organizing a press confab where the evidences will be brandished.

  Respectfully submitted;

Akoson A. Raymond,
PAP Parliamentary Candidate,

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