Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Buea: IVTC graduates told they’re well -equipped for the job market

By Christopher Ambe
Over 174 graduates of Buea Intensive Vocational Training Centre (IVTC) for Office Employees have been given assurance that, they have what it takes to succeed in the job market.
Becky Limunga Effoe:IVTC Director
   Becky Limunga Effoe, director of Buea IVTC, gave the assurance, June 14, on the occasion of the Center’s 36th graduation and prize-award ceremony, which took place in the school premises.
 “As you step into the job market, the challenges will be many…do not be discouraged for that is life. When I look at your faces I see determination, I see a bright future.
“With your newly acquired skills, none of you will be left behind-break all barriers that stand between you and survival”, the Director told the graduates.
    The new Southwest Delegate for Employment and Vocational Training, John Atoso, who witnessed the graduation, commended the graduates, reiterated the importance of vocational training and Government’s determination to empower youth and create job opportunities.
  Trainees of the IVTC, who are mostly GCE Advanced L (or equivalent) and degree holders, under go a 12-month intensive training, specailising in one of the following specialties: Office Automation Secretaryship, Bilingual Secretaryship, Accounting secretaries, and Computer Maintenance and Repairs.
  “Our courses are harmonized programmes that lead to National Examination at the end. In addition to the normal course modules such as vocational integration, professional life, health and safety, languages, managing Information systems and physical education. We also give them protocol tips and make sure they know the dressing code of an office worker”, the IVTC Director told parents and invitees at the ceremony.
 The Director has, on several occasions, maintained that vocational training is not meant only for school drop outs as some people wrongly believe. “It is for all of us! In fact, everybody stands a better chance of making the most with the marketable skills IVTC offers,” she told The recorder
Buea IVTC graduates pose for group picture
    Buea IVTC is one of six public vocational training centers in the country and the only one catering for Cameroonians of English expression. Admission into IVTC is either through an entrance examination or through direct negotiations with the centre. Buea IVTC, formerly known as Clerical School, has trained thousands of Cameroonians who have contributed greatly to the successes of the different institutions and/organizations that have employed them.
   The Director said IVTC needs more didactic materials, computer and more modern equipment, a new administrative building with an auditorium and a school bus.
 But she quickly added, “We know that our needs will be met as our Hierarchy is bent on doing all to make sure that its contribution to make Cameroon an emerging nation by 2035 is felt and seen.”
   She was thankful to the Minister of Employment and Vocational Training whom she said “is fast at ensuring that our needs are met”
(First published in The Recorder Newspaper,Cameroon,of July 1,2013)

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