Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cameroonian -born philanthropist commended globally!

Dr. Makongo feeds a baby named after him
By Christopher Ambe
Dr. David Makongo, Cameroonian- born and US-based expert in mining, oil and gas issues is being commended and appreciated not only in his native Cameroon, USA but also in the various African countries where he has offered timely assistance to the needy in one way or the other.
Dr.Makongo described both in Cameroon and abroad, as an all-season international philanthropist, recently empowered a Muslim family in Guinea Conakry, attracting praises and blessings.
   And to show appreciation for his generosity, the Muslim family that was recently blessed with a new born baby boy, decided to name the child after the Christian Cameroonian born and American based Dr. Makongo.
   The Cameroonian philanthropist, who frequently visits Africa both for humanitarian and business reasons, is said to have come across the Guinean family when they were in real difficulty. They had no paying job and had three children to raise.
“When they approached me, I gave them a series of contracts that netted them a good sum of money for a long time in their lives and now they have a life and their children have a future,” Dr. Makongo told The Recorder, adding that his wife has also developed love for the Guinea family and has been supporting them – sending clothing, vitamins and medicines.
    Because of the assistance and job-placement, the Guinean couple Mr. and Mrs. Kourouma  Mohamadou not only named their last baby after Dr. Makongo but has also embraced Christian values.
“Mr. Kourouma is a Guinean Lawyer coming from a very poor Muslim family background and because of my help he has embraced Christianity …doing what Christians do,” he said.
    Dr Makongo contributed heavily towards the heart surgery of a Guinean Banker who was rushed to Morocco where he regained his life. The humanitarian works of this Cameroonian American are so glaring in Guinea, to the extent that the Guinean Government has written special letters of appreciation to Dr. Makongo in connection with his humanitarian works in the country.
   “In Ghana, after I mediated successfully between a mining company Caracal gold LLC and the people of Asanakrangwa in the Western Region of Ghana by recognizing the rights of the local community and giving their sons and daughters jobs first before any other equally qualified persons who were not origins of the community, Albert Asanko of Asankragwa named his newly born baby – David Makongo because he wanted the child to grow up and be like me,” he recalled.
   In Cameroon, in Bova, village of Buea subdivision a certain Mr. Ekongolo Elive and wife named their newly born child after Dr. Makongo in appreciation of the various forms of assistance given to them.
A native of the Bova, village in Cameroon, Dr. Makongo has ensured the construction of modern toilets in primary schools in the village. His name is written in bold characters on the walls of these facilities all in appreciation of his giving back to his people.
   He is also on record to have awarded scholarships in 2012, to the tune of over one million Fcfa to also 21 University of Buea students from the BONAVADA Community in Buea subdivision
  Dr. Makongo has also been helpful to Cameroonians and fellow Africans in America. Big reason why he received a humanitarian award from the Cameroon Entertain Award August last year in Washington DC USA.
(First Published in The Recorder Newspaper,Cameroon ,of July 11,2013 )

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