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Traditional Medicine goes beyond conventional science-Dr.Fru

Dr.Fru displays his Health Excellence Award from IBAM
Award -winning & modern traditional doctor, Richard Fru, famously known as Dr. Fru   recently in Buea communed with over 30 media executives who came from Bamenda,Limbe,Kumba,Buea,Douala and Yaounde.
   Dr. Fru is founder/CEO of Dr.Fru's Garden of Eden International Healing and Research Foundation, Wonya-Mavio Muea-Road-Buea.
  During the press dinner    with editors and publishers, Dr. Fru reiterated the growing importance of traditional medicine, which, according to the World health Organization, caters for health needs of over 80% of Africans. He also thrilled his media invitees with his success story as a researcher and producer of kinds of traditional medicine.
  The ceremony was also an occasion for Dr Fru, who recently did Cameroon proud by winning a HEALTH EXCELLENCE AWARD, from the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, to exhibit all national awards he has received from various institutions and organization in recognition and appreciation of his contribution to general health promotion.
   Dr. Fru,who recently was conferred the academic title of “Doctor of Naturopathy” by the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, said Cameroon government is supportive of traditional medicine ,but regretted that some influential individuals, for selfish motives, in the Public Service are trying to kill  it.
  Below is Dr.Fru’s introductory speech to the media executive, which was followed by a question-and -answer session.

  Let us all unite with love and compassion to defend mankind from the corruption of medical science.
    We must understand that we are seeds of the Creator, and as the Creator dwells in battle with the wicked spirit of the beast, so must we on the physical level. God is the first scientist and the only Healer.
        Our inaccurate knowledge on Natural medicine, its philosophy and practices have been orchestrated by factors such as: greed, selfishness and ignorance. But it is only the truth and the truth alone that shall set us free; it is only that truth that we have been preaching over 18 years now that shall set Africa and the rest of the world free.
   The key to true life is nothing less than the marriage between knowledge, power and love. Knowledge and / or power without love in the domain of medicine would only result in to the mess the evil ones in both orthodox (conventional) and Traditional medicine have plunged the world into.
  Greed and corruption is slowing the progress of Traditional Medicine in our country therefore frustrating the vision of Traditional Medicine by WHO (World Health Organization), AU (African Union), who are all backing its promotion, growth and its integration into the National Health System of member states. In fact, the garbage beneath is too much and the stories that follow are many but one thing is clear. Traditional (Natural) medicine is the bedrock of all medicine on earth and remains the future of all medicines.
  I am therefore calling on Medical Anthropologists, Researchers, Bureaucrats, policy makers, Religious groups, Schools, Ritual Ceremonial groups, Community leaders, all Health and wellness oriented practitioners to consciously come up with a solid frame to see how the poor and marginalized population groups are being treated in the political and economic conditions.
      I am calling on the Almighty God to endow us with the dew of Heaven; the spirit of Wisdom, knowledge and understanding, so that, we would listen, see, talk and act according to his will. There is this ancient declaration of Bantu philosophers: "Unmuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu"- "a human is a human because of other humans". This proclamation represents an African communal aspiration which teaches us that, "our humanity is contingent on the humanity of our fellows and that no person or groups can be human alone". In a nutshell, Life is complementary; no one can exist alone!
    The effects of corruption and embezzlement, political instability, intrastate and interstate conflicts, diminishing middle class, and debts repayments to Western creditors are in effect frustrating the efforts of goodwill African Leaders who are working in promoting African Traditional Medicine (ATM) and good Health.
   Many authorities fight against Traditional Medicine and back Western medicine because of too much money being pumped into it which is being spent (misuse) in bureaucracy, and in too many seminars and conferences.
  The vast majority of our people are in poverty because their greed holds them back from collectively making better communities. They and their so called "Help Organization" are content to sit in conference and seminars in expensive hotels and talk about what they will do while they are awarded the best plagues or "certificates" to the best speakers and not the best doers. In fact, we are unable to distinguish between our wants and our needs.
   Ignorance, greed, selfishness and poverty have become our greatest problem leading to misplaced priorities. Greed our biggest weapon of containment has held us back from using profits made out of our national and international business ventures for the general good of our people.
    Our selfishness has spontaneously allowed our egos to get into the way of our goals. Ingrain in our minds is the virus of holding lavish conventions or seminars in expensive hotels, drinking the best brand of wines and whiskies. It is quite realistic although annoying that many of us have continued to live in ignorance because we have refused to read, listen, act and react wisely.
      Hosea 4:6 says, "My people are perishing because of lack of knowledge". Proverbs 3:35 says "wise people will gain an honourable reputation but stupid people will only add to their own disgrace". Proverbs 3:16 says "Wisdom offers you long life as well as wealth and honour".
      "For every ailment, there is a cure", is an advocate of Islamic faith. The popular view that certain diseases are yet to have a cure is only within the orthodox medicine that has stemmed from the limitation of modernized (modern) science.
      In fact, Health Professionals-intellectuals should to marry laboratory stints with societal truths and should stop acting as "out-tellectuals" whose finding are limited within the laboratory and could not transcend the boarders of their lone laboratory. We have to merge laboratory tests or findings with societal realities to help move our society forward.
    Traditional healing in general is one of the most difficult elements to understand by many of those who are influenced by modern scientific world-view. Anything divine is often considered as illogical and hence unreal even though obvious. This explains PART of the reason why the western powers are always in conflict with any effort made by Africans to provide alternative and more effective therapeutic measure for HIV/AIDS, and some other simple, multiple and complex diseases or health disequilibriums.
      If these claims came from the west, the response of the government would be prompt without questioning its efficacy and safety to the society. We are all living witnesses of the number of drugs being withdrawn out of the market today because of their devastating effects to millions of its victims. Is this not enough proof that scientists and their lone laboratory are failing? Or do they mean to tell us that the hundred upon hundreds of drugs being withdrawn never passed through the laboratory? Let those who have ears hear and those who have eyes see!!! After all, the book of Romans 8:5 says; "those who live as their human nature tells them to, have their minds controlled by what human nature wants. Those who live as the spirit tells them to, have their minds controlled by what the spirit wants". In Romans 8:6 the lord says "to be controlled by human nature results in death; to be controlled by the spirit results in life and peace"
     Religion can in fact guide science by adding revelation to some traditional and scientific approaches as once remarked by Professor- of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the North Western university of Chicago USA, Joe Jeigh Simpson.
    The practice of Traditional Medicine goes beyond conventional or western science because it widens and extends beyond the narrow materialistic world view thereby raising medicine to an art of healing. This explains why Traditional Medicine Practitioners (TMPs) are being referred to as "healers".
   It is true to say that any research and findings in Natural Medicine that are limited to the approaches and findings of physical or conventional science would reduce Traditional Medicine from being a practice of Intuition and intelligence combined, to a practice of intelligence only.
Thank you for your kind attention
God bless you all    

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