Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cameroon: Gethsemane Baptist Church launches ministry to check social problems

By Christopher Ambe
Gethsemane Baptist Church Bokoko-Buea, Sunday July 7, launched what it calls the Doulous Ministry, whose mission statement is “We exist to create a sound moral society for the glory of God”
  Doulous, which was launched at an evening divine service at church premises, Bokoko, is a Christian based association “aimed at ameliorating the moral conditions in our community by checking common social problems”, according to its  founder/visionary president,Rev.Timothy Liombe
  In trying to kick out corruption out of Cameroon, the Doulous Ministry will focus on areas such as corruption, anti-human trafficking, training, education, sustainable livelihood/development, counseling, health (HIV/AIDS)
“The whole idea of this para-church association is to see how together-Christians and non-Christians can help Cameroon”, Rev Liombe told The Recorder. “If we can work together by the Grace of God, I think God will listen to our cries. And that way we can transform Cameroon into a paradise. Cameroon is a blessed country, having all the resources. We are the problem. We are the only ones to solve our problems. You can sit in your house and expect someone to come and sweep the house”
  The Doulous ministry in its activites, will mostly target youth (aged 7-18).A total of  about 5.5 million Fcfa ,will be spent by the time that phase one of the project  which includes the establishment of an office, phases out.
   At the launching of Doulous, Rev Paul Mokake, Soppo Field Pastor, in a sermon titled “Let Justice Be restored in the Land”, urged Cameroonians to be supportive of the efforts of the Doulous ministry, which, he said, stand s for justice. His sermon was inspired by the Bible book of Amos 5:21-24
   Rev. Mokake quoted rights activist Martin Luther king Jr who once remarked that “The Problem of the world is not the presence of bad people, but the silence of the good people.”  He was confident that the Doulous ministry has come to help break the silence
“The silence of the church in the face of oppression, moral decay and evil is perhaps the greatest captivity of the nation. The silence of good people is a fuel to oppression”, Rev.Mokake remarked.
  The launch was enlivened by choral singing, and award of prizes to winner of a church-organized football competition.
 The Chief of Bokoko, the Director of Buea Borstal Institute, Njie Ewome ; the President of Fako Elite Organization(FEDO), Mr.Ekema Luma and host pastor Benjamin Lyonga
(First Published in The Recorder Newspaper,Cameroon,of July 11,2013)

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